Possible way to improve Flemish Revolution and Burgundian Vineyards

Hello. Most people seem to agree that Flemish Revolution and/or Burgundian Vineyards aren’t great techs for AoE2. Here are my suggestions regarding these techs.

Flemish Revolution:

Flemish Revolution no longer converts all the villagers into Flemish Militia, and doesn’t enable training of Flemish Militia at Town Centers. Cost changed from 1200F 650G to 1200F 500G. Enables Flemish Militia training at the Barracks. Flemish Militia base attack goes from 12 to 11. Each Town Center spawns 2 Flemish Militia when the tech is researched. Now for the radical change: Whenever a villager dies (Including deletion), it converts into a Flemish Militia. Newly created villagers have a 60 second cooldown before this will take effect, if they die before this nothing happens.

  • I agree with this change.
  • I partly agree with this, but it needs some changes to it.
  • I agree that Flemish Revolution needs changes, but not these.
  • I don’t think that Flemish Revolution needs changes.

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Burgundian Vineyards:

Burgundian Vineyards changes the appearance of all farms into vineyards. Farms can no longer be stolen by enemy villagers. Cost changed from 400F 300G to 400F 600W. Farmer gold generation rate increases from 0.017G per sec, to 0.02G per sec. This also opens up options for new types of farms in the scenario editor, which will be quite nice for scenarios and other things.

  • I agree with this change.
  • I partly agree with this, but it needs some changes to it.
  • I agree that Burgundian Vineyards needs changes, but not these.
  • I don’t think that Burgundian Vineyards needs changes.

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What do people think?

As i voted.

But I like the idea of Vineyard farms if they look decent. maybe they appear on a certain terrain + elevation like rice farms. But just purely graphically and unrelated to the tech

I also want them to change both techs.
But as long as Flemish revolution remains the same, they can’t buff or change their vineyards. The gold trickle is there as a way to help their economy recovery after FR. Their eco recovery is insane right now btw. Improving the gold rate could mean a possible nerf to the stable discount or somewhere else for balance. Reducing the cost from 400F 300G to 400F 500W could work imo.
Anyway I think FR needs to be gone first.

The problem with Flemish Revolution isn’t the actual F-Militia unit itself nor it being trained at Town Centers, but it simultanously completely nuking your economy and potentially giving the Burgundian player 100+ Military in an instant. If both of these aspects of the tech were drastically downplayed in someway, and the 1200F + 650G tech requirement to begin even training F-Militia was removed. The sacky aspect of the tech would bre removed and Burgundians would have ready access to another strong Imp option that isn’t Fast Paladin.

This could be a scenario editor thing easily the italian mill has vines on the side.

FR needs a change. Vineyards is fine. Yes, it’s not all that good but far from useless and gets the job done as far helping out the poor burgundian late game is concerned. That said, it could still use a buff anyhow just small enough to not upset their already strong castle and early imperial age.

I wish they had simply kept the food to gold conversion in its more recent form.