Post-imp shouldn't remove the ability to research spy

When we play a game in DM in post imp, we can’t research spy.
I think there is no reason to doesn’t let people do this research.

You should be able to research spies. If you can’t, that’s probably a bug you need to report.

Are you sure that you can when you start in post-imp?
As far as I remember you can’t.

This test says otherwise. Post imp start, I can research it. You may want to try again, if you can’t, you probably have a bug.

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Ok I have also done some testing apparently it’s a bug only on DM

Oh, yeah, report that then if DM changes it. It’s likely it’s disabled on purpose though, because you start with the res to afford it at the start, which the devs may no intend you to do, because then it isn’t really an investment if you can afford it easily before anyone else can get a large number of vils.

Yes, if you can afford spy for 800G at the beginning it’s a big problem and I didn’t thank about it.
Perhaps make it at 30KG at the beginning will be great.