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Most build orders I google suck or hopelessly outdated (having been posted during beta and November). And I don’t see a dedicated website that conglomerates good build orders. Maybe I’m missing something? But, as HRE main (because I hate myself), I want to share a couple:

Basic Opening for Land Maps

Meinwerk palace sucks. If you want to rush, Aachen is still the way to go. So, whatever you do, always go for fast Aachen. Now, read the next part VERY CAREFULLY AND REMEMBER EVERY GAME.

In an ideal world. You would spawn with gold, corner of your TC, and a tree line positions in such a way that all 3 can be within the influence of Aachen chapel. At the very start of the game, if you see that only 2 of 3 will be in Aachen’s influence, follow alternate Supply → 11 instruction.

Supply 7 → Prelate, all 6 on food
When you return your first two sheep, rally them onto the corner of TC closest to gold
Supply 8 → Rally to gold, house + shift que mine
Supply 11 → Lumber camp. Rally to wood. after (6 on food, 4 on gold)
Supply 11 ALTERNATE → Build a mill instead of lumber camp and rally wood villagers to single trees near your TC, not tree line. Position the mill so that the tree line, gold, and your future food drop-off point will be in Aachen influence. Move sheep to the mill from TC.
Micro Prelate. Keep gold line inspired.
If all 4 are inspired, move back to food line to inspire food, but prioritize gold line.
When you have enough, pull 3 out of food to build Aachen. Ideally, Aachen should go up around 2:40 to 2:30 mark.
Rally to food up to 6 again.

This is where big divergence happens. After Aachen, I don’t see there being a specific build order.
Three options:

  1. You keep rallying to food and rush naked to Reignitz. OR
    You rally to wood to:
    2. Build production buildings to React to a rush OR
    3. Do a Rush yourself.

Option 1 is straight forward. Option 2 is reactionary, so it’s really up to you to make the correct decisions to counter enemy rush. I will focus on Option 3: A word of caution: don’t do this against French or English. You know what they’re gonna rush with (knights/longbows), so prepare for that and macro up. Their units will beat yours.

Keep 6 on food and 4 on gold. Rally all workers to tree. This is why Aachen is better than Meinwerk, even for rushing. You get more resources per minute, so cheaper upgrades isn’t really that great of a boon.

Build 3 in order: Archery range → Barracks → Blacksmith
Continuously pump out archers and spears. Of course, keep pumping out villagers.
Upgrade speed first and then siege. Getting speed is very important, because you will be able to kite your archers better.
Once you have 5 archers, move out and start zoning your enemy’s resource lines. Why 5 archers? You can make clean 2-shot kills on villagers. It is very important to not lose any archers. Your spears are there as tanks and ram builders, not damage dealers. Your primary damage dealer is your archers. Try your best to keep the number of archer to at least 10 so that you can 1 shot villagers. If you feel confident that enemy cav response won’t be an issue, start making Men at Arms as oppose to spears.
Now, with your ram, you want to focus down gathering buildings and farms, not TCs or towers. In fact, try not to move your units too close to TC unless you have a critical lead on your enemy.

Now, you may have noticed that I skipped out on professional scouts. Use the excess wood to make farms. Use the excess gold to research gather rate on top of everything. Keep pumping out villagers on top of it and distribute more to food as needed.

What happens moving forward is dependent on how your rush goes. It may have been a game winner. But it may have been an ok attempt at slowing down enemy eco. At any rate, don’t screw up and lose a ton of units. It’s very important to keep them alive to have map control. You will need it to secure all the relics you can get your hands on. If you lose too many units, might as well gg and tap out.

Share yours.

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Weirdest build order:
Start transitioning to farms in dark age. You will have better chance of applying pressure in mid game.
I have been doing it on french and doesn’t delay age-up much.

Right there with you, my friend :sweat_smile:

Your early build order is pretty much identical to mine, except I’ve been testing a double scout opening (initial production going Prelate → Scout → Vills). The amount of extra sheep alone is worth it, IMO, but even better with professional scouts – which not only improve your food, but denies your enemy’s.

Ah, also something that caught my attention lately, seeing many ignore it: as HRE, don’t neglect the +10% inspired gather rate tech from the monastery.

Archers and ram rush.

If it fail, masss canon, to just level the land.

If i m weaker, wonder and wall.

If one is dedicated to starting with double TC or trying to go to 3 fast, it is logical that English prevails frequently.

low elo lies 20 characters