Posted for the 3rd time now: Nest of Bees do not benefit from Chemistry

Last time I posted a screenshot aswell. I won’t do the same this time.

Its the 3rd time I have reported this bug and its still not fixed. Nest of Bees do not benefit from 20% bonus attack damage in Age IV despite the Chemistry upgrade being researched automatically for Chinese.

How long until this unit is fixed? Also what about the bug if it stopping to fire rockets and only firing 3 or 4 instead of 8 rockets? Was this bug fixed? What about the bug of not being able to shoot while inside water? Was this bug fixed?

You’ve already been heard, there are only so many hours in the day. For what’s it’s worth, I believe (no CAPS typing if I’m wrong) that this is working as intended, it’s just mislabeled in the tech tree. The Chinese gain chemistry bonuses at match start, not when aging up to IV like the tech tree suggests.


Question: so I don’t even have to build a university? So then it’s not like the french , where I believe the free melee dmg upgrade only works after I build the blacksmith.

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Hey, thanks for your quick reply!

I was not aware that Chemistry is granted at match start. If this is the case, then there is indeed an error in the civilisation description, since the description states the following:

Fire Medicine
Immediately gain the Chemistry technology for free when advancing to the Imperial Age (IV).

Its true you guys did increase the attack damage of Nest of Bees from 8 to 10 last patch but I simply assumed this was a balance change, not a bugfix. I apologize for causing inconvenience.

Hopefully the other bugs are getting fixed soon aswell!

@MrBeevy I just checked your question ingame. You are correct, you do not need to build a university to benefit from Chemistry in Age IV. Your Handcannoneers will automatically start with 42 damage instead of 35.