Potential minor civ in AoM retold

Minor civilization are a very good thing in AoE 3. You build a trading post and who recruit them.

In this post you can write your idea about minor civilization in AoM

Greek siren
Flying unit who have a charged attack who can temporarily change the allegiance of your units

Norse siren
Water unit who have a charged attack who can temporarily change the allegiance of your units


Flying unit

Disciples of Dedalus

Appearance : minoan architecture
Lore : Dedalus build the labyrinth and is son Icarus invent a flying method with feather and resin

Unit : Dedalus an hero unit who repair and building faster than a villager. Also he can work like a villager
Minotaurus : You an train one (on only one) minotaurus (and updrage him in Bull Minotaurs with the technology Labyrinth of Minos)
Disciplus of Icarus : spearmen infantry with wing Is a footed unit who a have a jump attack like Bellerophon


Spartan hoplite : archetypal hoplite unit with spear, shield with lambda letter and red cloak. They have a war cry like Arkantos who affect only other spartan hoplite
Helot : cheaper and weak version of the villager. You can train 5 of them

Adept of Sobek

Appearance : egyptian architecture with a pool with crocodile

Egyptian minor civ who train and mummify crocodile

Peteshokos : you can train one (and only one petesokos) also you can improve him with the technology Crocodopolis
Sacred crocodile : hand-to-hand unit who turn in mummified unit when he died (the mummified version died soon after like the Minion of mummy). They can travel on land and in water.

Temple of Apis
The temple of bull Apis

Appearance : egyptian architecture with a field with a sacred bull.

Guardian of Apis : human unit who are specialized in killing hero (they defend the sacred Apis)

Apis bull : technology who improve your favor income

Disciples of wisdom

Is a copy paste of shaolin monk of AoE3 beacause this monk are very cool !

Appearance : shaolin temple

Units :
Rattan Shield
Master of wisdom : Chinese explorer of AoE3

Disciples of Yi

This is a chinese legend. There was seven sun who burn the earth and Yi kill six of them in one shoot

Disciple of Yi : archer unit who have a charged attack who can run through various enemies
Yi : an hero unit (limit of one) the same of the previous unit but is a hero.

Guild of the potter

There is an army of terracotta warrior in China. We have one of them and is a hand-to-hand unit. In the tomb there are also crossbowmen and chariot and horse.

Unit : Terracotta Warrior
Crossbowmen Terracotta Warrior
Chariot Terracotta Warrior

technology : Stone Armor


Like the Gaïa power

You an train Driad

Also on the map there is herperid tree (berry tree but when you harvest them they produce gold instead of food)

Herder of Colchid

Based on the story of Jason and the Argonauts

Appearance : georgian mountain village

Colchid warrior : human unit. A slinger (slinger was the weapon of the herder)

The trading post also produce golden sheep : when you harvest them them produce gold instead of food (there is also various golden sheep on the map)


Golden fleece : improve the harvest rate of the cattle and give you a little income a gold when you harvest them in addition of normal food.


Not sure how I feel about “minor” civs. Why not just let these units be used for the major civ?

Seems quite gimmicky.


I generally like the idea of minor civilisations but I think in the context of AoM it should be shrines for minors gods instead of trade posts with minor civilisations.

Those minor gods would be additional ones that are not available for age up.
They would have a mythological unit (like the ones you described) and 2-3 technologies.
So like minor civilisations in AoE3.

Ancient religions were not as centralised as modern ones.
There was no hard borders between religions and the type of gods people worshipped changed between places.
Adding less important gods that has some unique local followings to the game would allow representing those communities and their differences better.


Sounds pretty cool that idea and it could expand the gameplay

I feel your suggestion is the best way of going about this, Skadi.

My personal idea is to tie them to settlements- If you age up at a settlement associated with a particular minor civilization, you can instead use their gods as opposed to the ones used by your own major god.

Me parece estupenda la idea sabiendo que el juego tendrá el motor de AoE3DE, se verá nutrido de este. En vez de sitios para centros urbanos serán dioses menores locales. Los centros urbanos se pondrán colocar en cualquier sitio y el límite de población máxima serán 200

I made this suggestion before in some other thread.

There are some issues with that idea:

  1. They would have to be better then the normal minor gods to make it worth if.
  2. You would still have access to all of the features after you lose the settlement
  3. Settlements are already worth capturing on their own
  4. There is no benefit in capturing it after you reacher the last age.

I think it should be independent of Settlements and independent of Age up.

You build a new type of building (maybe called Shrine) next to it the same way you would build a Trading Post next to a Native Settlement in AoE3.
In this shrine you can access 2-4 unique technologies and 1-2 unique units. Those units can be mythological or human.

When you lose the access to the shrine you lose access to the units and technologies.
But you keep the technologies if you already researched them.

Shrines could also trickle a little Favour the same way Trading Posts trickles a little XP (or Influence for Africans) in AoE3.

This would give you something to fight over that is not a Settlement or a Gold Mine.

It would also add diversity to the map pool.
Not every map would need those shrines though. Some could have more while others have none.

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I love this idea. AoM maps need more interactive elements like this.