Potential (new) Gods/Myth units - brainstorm with me!

Since AoM: Retold got announced and the devs are surprisingly so open for feedback/ideas, my imagination runs a bit wild regarding what awesome ways the game could go especially regarding new gods, myth units and changes in age order to make our beloved original civs more exciting.- and when i am following the thread “What would you like to see in Myth Retold?” i noticed there are others who have a same or similar opinions/thoughts.

I thought about it and thought it would fit better if certain gods and myth units would change so that god and age not only (hopefully) fit better to the specific god, but also to represent some connected myths and the gods character better (if possible). But regarding all that i came to some obstacles i couldn’t overcome - and there i thought: why not ask the community for ideas/input.

To make that first post not too big i just want to start with the Greeks first.

As mentioned i think more than 3 major gods would makes things not also more complex but also more interesting, exciting and fun. Regarding new major gods i think some of the best fitting ones are Hera (Queen of the Gods, wife of Zeus, but also enemy and as far as i know as times supporter of the titans) and Nyx (goddess of night/darkness, mother of thanatos, erebos etc and feared by Zeus which i think is really cool)

Regarding the minor gods i am very conflicted. I know that ppl (me included) are used to certain gods in certain ages and with certain myth units, but i really think the entire thing could use an overhaul and explain as many decisions as possible. I also wanted to put in many creatures of herakles labours.

Potential classical age gods and myth units:

Hestia- i think Hestia is an underestimated goddess who was very popular. She is associated with fire but has a kind and calm personality. I think she would be a great classical age spot but i can’t think of any myth unit which could fit her. Thats why i thought Nemean Lion would fit well.

Hermes- is very well known and known for his speed. His traits he stands for are very connectable and social but are nothing too impactful or exciting thats why i think Hermes should stay a minor god and fits the classical age well but even i am not certain Centaur fits him that well, i can’t think of another myth creature which could fit him better.

Dionysos- i think Dionysos is god which is also quite well known and liked but i never thought Hydra was a unit who fit him well or he was connected to. Dionysos will appear here and in the heroic age just cause of the fact that several myth units are connected to him and just casue of the myth units strength i put him in classical and heroic age. If he is in the classical age i think Satyr is the myth unit of choice. Its connected to him and you could make a cool but not really strong range unit out of it. But i personally tend to put him in the heroic age.

Artemis- she is a cool and also well known goddess but even i like chimera i never understood why chimera should fit Artemis and i also couldn’t find any conncection. I would rather take Dryads as her myth unit of choice which i think always were rather bad visualised for the Atlanteans and should look more like strong, exciting, feminine and a bit more human. they are strongly associated with Artemis and to reflect the goddess of hunt Dryads could use either a bow, a spear or what maybe would fit them the best nature magic. I think Dryads could be the Norse Valkyries unit wise of the Greeks. I also thought about another female fury unit like harpies or sirens which symbolises her untouched female rage upon males.

Morpheus- I think the god of dreams is a cool idea and his name is quite well known too. A high associated myth unit to Morpheus are the Oneiroi. They could look like winged men in dark feathers or like Gargoyles. But regarding the unit and the god (even dreams are strong and sometimes associated with fate) i couldn’t see him higher than classical age.

Potential heroic gods and myth units:

Ares- i think Ares is one of the original gods who deserves a higher spot. He is very well known.he is liked and hated and i think already cause of that a very interesting god (even i would portray him younger and prettier than AoM did) Cause of his rather big problems with Zeus and Hera and his spicy relationship to Aphrodite i again wouldn’t put him into Zeus (or Heras) list. Regarding myth units there are some which are connected to him and quite a lot which could fit him. Examples: (Colchian) Dragon is a creature heavily connected to him, Hydra could fit him relative well, but i personally especially like the Minotaur as a unit for him cause of his character: disliked child, likes fighting, hot headed/hot temper. but a dragon or hydra would fit well too since it seems the snake is a very popular animal connected to him.

Apollo- is again very well known and a strong god and popular character i think he should stay and heroic age is a good spot for him. I thought its quite easy to find creatures connected to him which symbolise what he stands for: art, beauty, music, light etc. But i found connection of him to a dragon called Python, Cyclopses. I liked the manticor unit idea (even i never liked the ingame model that much) but i am not certain Manticore fits him that well + some would like to see manticores for Persians (since Manticores is a Persian and Greek creature)

Dionysos- If he is in the heroic age i think Cyclops could maybe be myth unit of choice. Its connected to him and you could make damn cool, strong heroic age unit out of Cyclops.

Akhlys- i think not many know of her, well at least i didn’t. but she is a rather cool god. She is the daughter of Nyx and is connected to poison which i think would be a great fit for the myth unit Hydra which has to be included especially as one of heracles 12 labours. (and the most popular one) so Akhlys is primarily here cause i was desperately in search of a good fit for Hydra. - maybe you guys have better ideas/thoughts. Hydra with multiple heads starting (as it should be) could also be a great mythic age unit in my opinion)

Potential myth gods and myth units:

Athena- To maybe the surprise of many i put Athena into the mythic age cause of quite some strong arguments. Firstly she is a very popular and prominent god in greek mythology. Secondly she is the most liked daughter of Zeus and the capital city of greece got named after her. Thirdly Medusa would be the best unit for her since Athena is strongly connected to her and cause Medusa has that strong one-hit mechanic she just has to be a mythic age unit. (i mean Athena’s personal shield is dedicated to Medusa)

Aphrodite- Maybe also a big surprise for many but even Aphrodite could be a good heroic age choice, i can certainly see her as a mythic age god and there are a few reasons why. One reason is cause in some sources she is directly the daughter of titans and not directly related to gods like Zeus. Another reason is cause love is one of the strongest emotions. Another one is cause her presence on olympus made Zeus scared that he arranged the unwanted marriage to Hephaistos. I also think the gryphon would be a really great myth unit for her since its also a sympol of beauty and shiny and likes gold. (but the gryphon could also be the symbole of greed and courage which has nothing to do with Aphrodite thats why i am not that certain – maybe you guys have better ideas?)

Hekate- She definitely should be a god – and also could have been a close competitor for being a major good in my opinion cause how strong and surprisingly important she was for the ppl back then. And beside Nyx, Hekate also was one of the few goddesses Zeus feared. I would highly recommend to give her Empusa as the myth unit of choice instead of the Lampades. She could be a really cool and interesting unit looking like a sexy demonic girl with looks also scary/creepy with either fireball like magic attack or a firey whip. - maybe similar looking to a ##################
Honourable mentions:

Cerberus and Chimera. I think both are really cool myth units but could be too similar in their feel and special attack to coexist togehter. I personally would REALLY like to see Cerberus (especially since i think he is beside Hydra the most popular Herakles labour and already cause of that should be a unit – a myth age unit of course) But i can’t really decide which god would fit those two well. Thanatos (death) and Erebus (Shadow) would be one of the strongest competitors for these two units. But maybe you guys have a better idea which god would fit them (especially Cerberus)

Hephaistos- Hephaistos and his unit Colossus should be self-explanatory and either a heroic or mythic age unit.

Notice: I know these are more gods per age as i wanted it to be (4 minor gods per age, but still 2 per major god) but i couldn’t decide really. I think Hermes and Artemis should definitely be classical age gods. Ares definitely a heroic age god and Athena and maybe even Aphrodite a mythic age god. The others i am really not sure where to put them.**

Sorry for the big text really tried to make it as short as possible.
Thats all at the moment. Want to make one for egypt and norse too later.


I have an idea for this that i feel will can be implemented more organically than remaking the way the gods work- basically all settlements (including the starting one) are associated with a minor civilization similar to age 3 and have a set of units that can be built out of an embassy type building. When aging up out of a settlement, you can choose between the main god’s minor gods from that age or that settlement’s.

here’s my idea for Greece’s:

Hades/Cthonian Settlement
Minor gods unlocked:

Classical age - Persephone -focus: economy
God power - Coming of Spring- Instantly spawns up to 9 farms in a 3x3 and provides abreif increase in their gather rate.
Myth unit - Orthus: Giant two headed dog that leaps into battle with a weak aoe attack
Underworld pomegranate - Reduces the non favor cost of myth units
Plutus’ wealth- Makes markets and caravans available in the classical age and increases the rate of which they generate gold.

Heroic age- Tartarus -Focus: anti hero units
God power: Imprison- Seals units in the target area away from the world for a time. Units cannot enter or leave imprisonment. Units that have been imprisoned are for all intents and purposes “paused” and cannot take any form of action or be acted upon (such as being attacked). Any temporary effects on the unit such as poison or healing are also paused and will resume upon the moment imprisonment ends. Imprisoned units do not take up population
Myth unit- Caucasian Eagle- Flying myth unit effective vs heroes
Tantalus’s torment- Human units to bonus damage to heroes
Sisyphean task- Human units take less damage from heroes

Mythic age: Typhon -Focus: Myth units
God power: Typhon unleashed- Costs 50 favor and 1000 of all other resources. Cannot be used if those resources are not available or if Titans are not allowed. Creates a special titan gate where when finished will release Typhon onto the world. Typhon is an extremely powerful ranged unit whose attacks deal AOE damage but is significantly less effective against buildings than other titans.
Myth unit- Ladon- Ranged variant of the Hydra (Grows head in battle).
Father of monsters- Heroes occasionally spawn myth units like Loki or in the case of Loki’s Hessirs, increases the rate which they spawn them. Pharaohs and Greek heroes spawn myth units faster than mass produced heroes other than Loki’s Hessirs.
Rage against the Heavens- Myth units take slightly reduced damage from heroes and greatly reduced damage from god powers.

Troy Settlement

Human units unlocked-
Trojan worker- Limit of 5. A worker that works at 2 times the rate of the civ’s standard villager or 2 times the rate of a Greek villager when Atlantean, but costs twice as much and requires twice the population. Instead of normal walls and gates, can build Trojan walls and gates which cost more and require more space, but are proportionally more durable and are automatically improved upon age up.

Minor gods unlocked

Classical age- Demeter – Focus Economy
God power- Revolt- targeted enemy economic units aside from ox carts will refuse to collect resources, build, or repair for a time and move slower. Norse infantry in the target area will also refuse to build and repair but will not be forced to move slower.
Myth unit- Calydonian Boar – Powerful boar unit that occasionally fires bolts of lightning
Harvest season- increases all food gather rates
Drought and Winter- Cavalry and cavalry archer type units do bonus damage to villagers
Two Queens- villagers train faster

Heroic age- Eris- Focus Economy
God power- Anarchy- A more powerful one use version of chaos.
Myth unit- Siren- Myth unit that can transition between a flying form that is and a sea born form. Can occasionally stun a human unit with their attacks.
Apple of Discord- Myth units cost less favor
Aeneas’ Legacy- Villagers gain HP, harvest all resources faster, and build structures faster
Enthrall- Decreases the time necessary for sirens to wait between stunning enemies. Also increases the movement speed of air form and damage of sea form

Mythic age- Hesta- Focus houses
God power- Time of wonder- Places the foundation of a wonder anywhere on the map at reduced cost. Cannot be cast if the player has insufficient resources.
Myth unit- Geryon- Multiple bodied giant. Can attack multiple units simultaneously.
Sacred hospitality- Houses provide 2 additional population and manors provide 4 additional population.
Ambrosia- Houses heal nearby units.
Lady of the Hearth- structures slowly recover hit points over time.