Potential vill / unit buff idea

Hey everyone,

I thought of an intriguing idea although i fear it is either irrelevant or broken (which kinda makes it more intriguing)

The idea is to give vills +1 attack and +1/1 armor if they are standing on a farm that has atleast 1 hit point

It makes vills a little resistant to raiding as well as lets vills aggro enemy vills on farms with no tc nearby on a map like nomad or against khmer farmers

This bonus could also be applied to this civs unique unit (to give then supErb raiding and defense potential)

The reason i am intrigued by this idea is that it allows for a lot of play and counterplay (like deleting / quick placing farms) and entire strategies could evolve around this component making for deep gameplay


Sound too difficult to implement, might run into game performance problems with the constant checking if on a farm applying bonus and taking it away

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Wait, so gameplay is not deep enough yet? I don’t think this adds anything to the game, sorry.

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Imagine the new Inca farm rush.