Powerful A.I (A.I mod)

Powerful A.I v0.3.0 beta

A mod with different settings to make A.I-players more challenging, perfect if you think the Hardest A.I is too easy.

The purpose is to beef up the A.I in interesting and entertaining ways. In the early versions, you can give it bonus resources in three different ways.

Additional starting resources
You can give A.I-players more starting resources, resulting in giving them an early leap ahead of you and exposes you for early and stronger rushes.

By unit kills
A.I gets resources when units are eliminated, these settings creates a “snowball” effect, meaning the A.I starts off weaker, but gets stronger the more units are eliminated. There are currently three options for this:

  • Instant resources
    A.I-players gets X bonus resources instantly for evey unit eliminated.

  • Resources per second
    A.I gets +1 bonus resources every second by every X amount of units eliminated.

  • Affected units
    If above settings should apply to only Human-player units, A.I-player units or both.

Apart from resource bonuses, there are also plans to add different kind of powers to the A.I in future versions. Some examples are:

Beef up A.I’s units
As game progress, A.I’s units grow in size & strength depending on different factors the player has choosen in the settings, giving them more HP and damage.

A.I can steal your units
When your units are killed, they are revived at the A.I base and now fights for him.

As the Content Editor is very new and there is little learning material to be found so far and the documentation is not the best, I have to do a lot of own research and “try and errors” to find out how the system works. This means it may take quite a while to figure out how to implement some features.

Feedback on the mod is always appreciated, maybe you have concerns about the balance (maybe some settings are too easy or too hard), discovered a bug or want to see a specific feature.


Version 0.3.1 beta

  • Fixed crash bug on game start if “A.I control” was choosen

Version 0.3.0 beta

  • Mod name changed to “Powerful A.I” (old name “Worthy Opponent”)
  • Now (should) works correctly also in multiplayer games

Version 0.2.0 beta

  • Added option to get messages during a game how much bonus resources A.I-players receives
  • Added option to let A.I play for you (it will then also benefit from bonuses like any other A.I)

Changed “Resources per second” stats from:

+1 resources/sec every 6 unit kill (Low)
+1 resources/sec every 3 unit kill (Medium)
+1 resources/sec every 1 unit kill (High)


+1 resources/sec every 9 unit kill (Low)
+1 resources/sec every 6 unit kill (Medium)
+1 resources/sec every 3 unit kill (High)

That’s cool but it’s not the same as improving the AI. Civ 6 does this too; beyond the average difficulty they just handicap the player and buff the AI at higher difficulties. I personally don’t like that. It further separates you from the real game as you adjust to the new AI’s unreal advantages. I’d prefer an AI that has superior strategy so it trains the player to be better at the game.

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This mod’s purpose is not to simulate an “offline competitive expirence” but rather a fun Single Player expirence, an opponent “monster” whose powers can be configured in many different ways. Appropriated if you want a quirky challange, could also be fun in Coop with friends.

Concerning a better A.I for more “real games”, yes, that would be nice. The problem with that is it would require a tremendous amount of work and time to program an actual challenging and smart A.I. Also I don’t know if that is even really possible in AoE 4 as thier A.I uses machine learning (unless you could script a brand new A.I from scratch), not to mention that the eventual files / scripts for altering the A.I behavior (or whatever the A.I source code looks like) is not available in the Content Editor I think.

For this, I think our only option is to wait for Relic Games to further improve thier A.I with machine learning.

Version 0.4.0 beta

  • Added A.I villager gather rate setting
  • Added setting to choose what type of bonus resource A.I-players gets
  • Added option to set A.I starting and maximum age
  • “A.I control” now play on Hardest (was intermediate before)

What do you change in the edittor to allow AI bonus resources when killing units?