Powerful civilizations suggestions for Age of Empires 4

We need for this upcoming glory game following grand civilizations for the Middle Age:

Indoeuropean civilizations:

-The “Holy Roman Empire” including the papal state as the follower of the earlier Roman Empire. I can imagine cardinals as well as monks as converting and even fighting units. I am thinking also at strong siege units at to a huge cathedral, to train the units.

-The “Wallachians” or “Vlachs”, who stand for count dracula and his dark shapes in southeast europe. Good defense buildings are needed here like a prison dungeon for ransom.

-The “German Knightorder”, as the epitome of european chivalry. The Order stretched out his feelers into northeast european finland, to the borders of the urals people. I am thinking at strong infantry units and to a order church, which trains combat units.

-The “Polish Piasts State”, showing offensive and strong cavalry in central and east europe. Their kings also had a great influence. A royal court for the training of these noble units would be appropriate.

-The “Kievan Rus” or “Rurikids”, represents the east european character of the age of knights, which until now was often neglected in video games.

Turklanguage civilizations:

-The “Seljuk Dynasty” also called as “The Great Seljuk Empire” a suitable people for the up-and-coming turk people in the middle ages.

Semitic civilizations:

-The “Abbasid Caliphate”, which stands for the emergence of the arabs.

I hope you like these suggestions. They explicitly represent the middle ages.

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You are in luck. According to speculations, 3 of the civs you name are probably going to be part of the game.


Oh, thank you and i hope that will so be^^ The other peoples are welcome to come in an expanded form.

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I want to play the HRE, Rus and Abbasids so bad :smiley:


For the Wallachians, i can also imagine the ominous Black knights and the Dragon knights.

Still missing Mali, Ethiopia, Aztecs, Inca, Maya, Khmer, Malay, Chola, Kanem Bornu etc.


Although I doubt that they will reach the total of civs I would like (as many as Aoe2 DE has and maybe more) I still wish for it. Each with its own unique playstyle.


We hope, they will introduced in a future release. In any case the Aztecs and Incas belong to it, historically they were very influential and well known.

I could also imagine the Chimú culture, which was predominant in today’s peru from 1250 to 1470, but was then ousted by the Incas.


Everything is possible, you just have to believe in it. Above all, it will depend on how well the game will sell at the beginning, then it will be decided whether and how many new peoples you want to involve from time to time. That means that the game has to be really good in autumn to attract customers, if not, it will be detrimental for the whole of the future.

As i understood the developers, it should above all be a game, that mostly responds to the wishes of the fans. Therefore, good suggestions are very important in this forum.

In the old age of empires 2, we did not really have 37 civilizations at our disposal, because they were all very similar. In addition, there was only one architecture graphic style for 11 peoples. That should definitely be different here.

I know it is possible, I just don’t think they will get to that point. Making news civs take time, it takes Aoe2 DE devs a long time to make just 2 civs that aren’t that different from eachother, imagine making 2 civs with different architecture, units, techs, playstyles, ect

That is basically true. But still, as much money as microsoft has, this additional expense would not be a problem, even adding many peoples at shorter time intervals. As i said before, if the game is a hit at the beginning, the inclusion of many new peoples is possible, if not, microsoft will not think about it and make no further effort.

I’m not referring to expense, that is a whole other discussion, I am talking about time. Aoe4 is not going to last 20 years like Age2 and we have 37 civs now. It will take extremely longer to design a civ for Aoe4 than it does for Aoe2, hence we won’t get there.

It was clear to me, that you meant the time. But let us see, how it will be, the future will tell it. I have my opinion on that. From my point of view, the sales figures will decide, whether and how many new civilizations will come. In terms of time it does not have to take 20 years and i never spoke of 37 civilizations either.

Those are hungarian.

Not bad, but I would also add Teutons to this list

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That is wrong. The Wallachians are the earlier Romanians.

Yes, that would be also good. Besides the german order also the teutons. They represent brandenburg, the german order a subgroup of them.

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Order of the dragon and black army are hungarian.romanians were not a thing in the middle ages just people under hungarians and bulgarians.

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The romanians were very much their own faction in the middle ages, take a look at wikipedia or take a history class. That i have a clue of the thing, you can see in all my posts. In any case, the wallachians are romanians and definitely not hungarians.


But I did and you responded to me