Powerful civilizations suggestions for Age of Empires 4

The Byzantine Empire (Eastern Romans) is certainly a very good suggestion for a future extension of the game. The languages for this Civilization would be for the Dark Age: Ancient Greek, for the Feudal Age: Late Greek, for the Chivalry Age: Koine Greek and for the Imperial Age: Medieval Greek.

I would like 5th AOE game to be in period where egyptians could also be used as civ. So those a bit earlier ages like AOE1 I suppose. Something like Spartans and Troy and stuff. Alexander the Great time - well u got my point. Ofc this is a bit offtopic so sorry about that

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The Age of Empires 1 Definitive Edition is for sure something for you. They redesigned all of the graphics including units, buildings and technologies. But unfortunately the game runs very slowly because you kept the original engine. Nevertheless, I think that the new version has its charm, if you only consider the shipping industry, the scope is greater than in other age titles. The different ages, especially the earlier ones such as stone age and bronze age, are much more pronounced than in Age of Empires 2 or Age of Empires Online, but also better than in Age of Empires 3.

I see moreover another possibility for you at Age Of Empires Online. This game is a game about the age of antiquity with Egyptians but drawn in comic style, if you do not mind.

The Celeste Fan Project has brought this Microsoft Game back to life since few years, which was discontinued in 2014. The Romans were recently introduced as a new civilization, with brand new graphics, and they should have been introduced in 2011 originally. You should really look at it, the roman units and buildings are special good. The celeste team also recently announced that the indians are being introduced. In the further future the Phoenicians and the Huns could find also their way into the game. Let us be curious.

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From what I’ve understood the game starts in a more modern era and the Ottoman empire absorbed most of the Balkans.

I personally would like Italy. Start small then expand your economic and military options as you age up.

Kinda like the USA in AoE 3.

Thanks for sharing all your thoughts, I know how time-consuming it can be (especially when you’re not a native English speaker).

I agree with many of your ideas which are in line with my own suggestions (a bit outdated, I’ll remake that civilisations list), especially regarding Eastern Europe. In AoE II HD, half of it was compressed into one single “Slavs” civ, how unfair that was. Magyars had their own civ but it was quite badly conceived and nonsensic.
Wallachians/Vlachs, Kievan Rus and Poles definitely need their own civilisations.

I disagree on some points. First, I think civilisations designing and naming should stay within the AoE II spirit, in which civilisations portrayed cultures rather than states/dynasties, hence them being named with ethnonyms or demonyms only. It is less clunky regarding timeframe (what is the Delhi Sultanate before the 13th century…?) and gives a feeling of freedom: your choose a culture and you create your own state.

While I also suggested to include the German Knightorder/Teutonic Order as a full civ, I don’t think the Holy Roman Empire would make a good civ for many reasons, mainly its lack of cultural unity. Teutons (i.e. German(ic) speakers of the empire) would already be more relevant, though I would still split them into at least two civs: Low Germans and High Germans (those names are based upon linguistics and I still have to find proper ones). Here I explain my views on Teutons/HRE.

Instead of “Seljuk Dynasty/Empire”, I’d add Oghuz/Ghuzz, the tribal confederacy from which emerged both the Seljuks and the Ottomans and thus perfect to portray those Western Turks.

Abbasid Caliphate is one of the few dynastic states that lasted enough long to be seen as a proper culture so I mostly agree. I would just rename it Abbasids so as to stay within the AoE II frame. Here my views on Arab civilisations.


Adding the Teutonic Order is just a dumb idea. It was just a religious knight order. So wanting to add them while at the same time arguing against dynasty names for civs is just stupid.

The problem I see with your request is that almost noone knows who the Oghuz or Ghuzz are. IMO it is important to have names for civs that sound intriguing and make the player interested in playing that civ. IMO the Delhi Sultanate does just that.

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That is completely wrong. The german order has existed for about 700 years in the german east or in eastern europe as one might call it. When the poles asked for help against the baltic pruzzians, the german order and brandenburg was asked for military help and was given it. And no, it wasn’t just a religious order at all, it was a real state with all the trimmings. It exists from east brandenburg to estonia where the ural peoples settle.

Stay with the truth. Both the introduction of the german order and the holy roman empire would be very appropriate for this game. because both states put their stamp on the european middle ages. The holy roman empire can not only be seen as an umbrella people, but also as a state structure in its own right, especially if the papal state is included. Relic sees it that way too.

When it comes to criticizing the turkish peoples, however, you are rather right. The people of oghuz are little known, the seljuks more. relic wants to concentrate on fewer peoples than in the second part, but with more distinctions and above all it should be historically significant peoples that people know.

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Like Erasmus said, the Teutonic Order was much more than a mere religious order. It was pretty much a state and the frame of the Ostsiedlung in the Baltic regions.

Regarding the Turks, the problem is that Seljuks lasted from the 11h to the 13th century only, while Western Turks had a major role prior and after. I agree that “Oghuz”/“Ghuzz” aren’t great names but they’re inclusive regarding the game’s timeframe (10 centuries!). What’s more they’re ethonyms.
The fact that people don’t know them isn’t relevant imo as AoE is also about pedagogy (I did not know either who were the “Teutons” or the “Goths” when I discovered AoE II 20 years ago).
The best solution is perhaps to name this civ Oghuz Turks. That way it would be both easily recognizable and pedagogical.

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Of course yes, you are right.

The Hungarians had in the Middleages the Order of the Dragon under themselves and also the Black army with the Black knights. They were the leading country for this type of kind. The surrounding countries were partially included. I can therefore imagine, that the Hungarians also called Magyars, could be a further people for a Downloadable Content (DLC).

For the Wallachians one would have to do more historical research into, how one would like to shape them as Mercenary troops. Relic and the Community here, can this certainly very well done. But in any case, they were a real State structure in the Middle Ages and not just supervisory village communities, how certain people think. The black eagle in the coat of arms also goes well with count Dracula.

I don’t know why people just want some itty bity religious orders added in the game,
this game is not about european orders its about empires just add the entire HRE and allow people to choose their desired parts of it as an age up mechanic

It was not just small religious orders, they were all independent, significant States of course too the German knight order. That was a real State and existed for about 700 years. And further, the German knight order did not belong to the Holy Roman Empire, you obviously do not know that either. The German knight order war an Empire like the Holy Roman Empire, it was even more of a State.

yes i really don’t no much about that part of earth :sweat_smile:
can you tell a bit more about that german empire plz?

Can you see it, you give me right :smiley:

As you can clearly see, the German order is a bigger independent state in the eastern of europe, not to be confused with the German principalities, they were under the Rule of the Holy Roman Empire. Further you see, that the Grand Duchy of lithuania, and the Kingdom of poland and were larger structures.

You will find a lot on the Englishlanguage pages at Wikipedia. I have a good example for you below:

But also otherwise on the internet, if you enter at Google or Reddit the appropriate terms.

It would be nice if the german civilization can branch out to the teutonic order rather than adding the order as a separate civilization.

Your comment is defined unclear.

So i definitely want to have the German or also called the Teutonic order in the game as a separate civilization. And yes, the German order has always been a real State and has existe for multiple centuries.

The Teutons himself, are a term used by a germanic people at the East sea from the Iron age. They can not show the same achievement like the German order in the middle ages.

whose comment are you talking about?

The comment of Mahazona.

Not Kievan Rus, Tsardom of Rus.
Kievan Rus covers only early age. The devs want to have units until the 16th century.
Abbasid Caliphate too early (again only covers early age)
Seljuk too

Moreover, I noticed weird path from the devs.
They would depict the Chinese civ from the very early age of Tang Dynasty. This is really old. Maybe the oldest in the game at the moment and all the way up to Ming.
Then suddenly, they became dynasty specific with indian Civ by choosing Delhi Sultanate.
After that, you see the Mongols. Simply a generalisation. Not the Mongol Empire, Or Yuan or Golden Horde or Ilkhanate or Timurid etc
It is very weird xD