Poweruser: Which patch had the best pathfinding?

For the people playing a lot of ranked multiplayer (poweruser):
Which patch had the best pathfinding for you so far, and why? → write in the comments

For me it was the pathfinding right before the India DLC.

This is a very roundabout way of saying that the current pathfinding is bad. (You’re not wrong, of course). I hope they fix it as well of course, along with many other things.

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I would imagine most people think this.

It was fairly recently either way.

Doesn’t make a difference either way, and of course the Devs know about it. So what is the point of this post?


Just getting some opinions, keeping the topic of pathfinding hot…

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I absolutely love how people still find the weirdest and most bizarre copes for saying what needs to be said, and that being:


What exactly do you expect from pathfinding, all melee units clip through eachother and are able to attack anything directly in front of them? That’s not unreasonable just from gameplay standpoint, it also makes no sense historically.

I think besides some weird optimizations the devs sometimes do, pathfinding has been pretty consistent in the past year.

Just get used to the fact if someone is microing xbows away from you, you need to get in front of them with your knights. It’s how it works. It’s how it should work. Yes, it means losing unnecessary units. Yes, it means ranged units are much better than they should be on paper. And no, pathfinding isn’t the problem. The food economy, the micro potential, and the overall stats of the units are.

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Yes totallly agree. Especially after they add the move attack delay on the ranged unit and now people still complain on the pathfinding of melee unit

no patch, all of them were poopy

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I remember there is a time when knight can kill crossbow like fly