Prairie Map Issue - Bug - Ranked 1v1 - Criticial

Dear AoE IV team,
I just had an issue with map generation where I spawned next to no resources in a ranked game, I don’t think I need to mention that I instantly surrended.

  • Seed: 36e8080a
  • Biome: Mediterranean
  • Players: 1V1 Ranked - AboveLu me vs [LM] Marijane
  • Map name: Prairie
  • Screenshots of issue

It happened to my opponent once a few weeks ago but I don’t have all details.

  • Seed: 442e3066
  • Biome: Gobi Desert
  • Players: 1V1 Ranked - AboveLu me vs idk
  • Map name: Prairie
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Thank you for reporting this @AboveLu! The team is definitely aware and working on a fix.