Pre-order? Another Beta? Trailer? Any news? AOE3DE

These questions are directed to the community reps for AOE3DE:

Is there any bit of news you can share with us about what’s next for AOE3DE? There was a flurry of excitement around the last beta, but it’s been silent and boring around here since then. Is AOE3 DE going to be showcased at any upcoming Microsoft events? Will there be another beta? Is pre-order coming anytime soon? Any response from the community representatives would be appreciated. Even if it’s just to say, we can’t say anything right now. I know a lot of posters/lurkers here would appreciate any official commentary.



Yeah I was bummed I didn’t get the first beta invite. I keep checking back to see if they announced a new beta invite.

How many betas are they doing?

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We do not know how exactly has the lockdown affected the production of AoE3 DE or AoEIV but they are probably slowed down.
Not surprising that we haven’t heard more yet.

My understanding is that there will be many. Just wait for the next round of invites, there’s not really much else to say.

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