Predators should be more aggressive

I notice that, whenever I’m scouting the map, the predatory animals (wolves, jaguars, lions, etc.) don’t attack my scout units. They only seem to attack my villagers if they wander too far from the TC. Now, I can understand wild animals choosing not to pick a fight with a whole army of heavily armored soldiers, but I feel that these predators should present more of a threat to weaker units in general (e.g. not only villagers but also monks, traders, and scouts). It would make venturing further from the safety of civilization and exploring the wilderness much more challenging and exciting in my opinion.


Oh boy, can’t wait for my opponent to grab the attention of all the wolfs around the map with his scout and send them to my base.

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Wild animals sometimes chase other units, like spearmen, when they are close. Some other units, like the scout, are an exception, otherwise you would have 10 wolves chasing your scout when you are exploring the map. This can easily be abused by ‘dropping’ wolves at an enemy base.

Did you know the aggressiveness of the wolves also depends on the difficulty setting?

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I did not know this (I’ve been playing on Standard or medium difficulty).

Wild animal’s line of sight depends on the difficulty setting. So on high settings, they will chase from further away than on the easiest settings. But don’t expect too much from it. Predators will never be a threat to a small army.

In fact, the maps on which it’s most dangerous to venture out of the home base are maps where you don’t know where your enemies are (nomad style maps) and they don’t have predators.

Wanna laugh? They will never attack a scout unit or a monk, but you will often see them running after your army across the whole map 11


Predators ruin drushes, m@a, what else do u want?

Afaik devs purposely reduced the number of predators on maps.

So although your reasoning is more realistic it goes against what the devs deemed is more appealing…

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You really want the animal abuse of AOE2

Cause if they chase scouts, one can lure them to enemy’s base and it will be a pain to kill them

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