Prelate are too fast (suggestion)

I cant chase a prelate with my infantery its too ridiculous, anyway if they are that fast monk/scholars are clearly useless when you are facing the holy roman empire. I think warrior monks are good balanced than this at least Rus cant recruit that units till castle age. But the holy roman empire could recruit them earlier as Delhy and they can run faster than every foot unit then they are assuring relics always or forcing you to recruit cavalry units just for a prelate or instead stopping your tc queue to recruit scouts. :confused: It need clearly balance for the future ranked games. i want to know what do you think about this. Thanks.

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HRE is going to be officially OP in the spring patch i have no doubt about that. but i no longer play this game due to the devs just simply appeasing the cry baby fandom, most of which i have noticed love HRE, i have never been so glad to not play an RTS game. as someone who only plays the RTS genre it actually saddens me that relic have let the game get to this point. RIP relic, you did the same with this title like you did with your last title.