Prelate does NOT buff units automatically after getting the uprgade

Prelate is supposed to boost unit attack by 15% and give it armor, after researching the upgrade at the church.

It doesn’t do it automatically as it does for villagers and/or as the Warrior monk does for Rus.

this is a humongous setback. imagine trying to select 40 units individually so they all get buffed.

please fix man ! thanks

edit: for whatever reason, prelates DO boost Bombards. but not normal units -_-

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its a bug where they are inconsistent, if you play a number of matches you will see prelates do automatically buff most of the time. also remember the unit can not be in combat for X amount of time before receiving a buff

they definitely need to work on this though as it is a very lacklustre bonus even when it works, especially when considering how much your army is slowed down by the ridiculously slow prelate, and then waiting for so many units to be buffed

that being said it is nice we can buff our siege and ranged units

I am pretty sure they do buff like they buff vills but their’s a problem where if they get pushed by another unit while they do the animation the Ai breaks and u need to move command them again, so they start buffing again. As well as that a singel prelet has a cap on how many units he can acutaly buff since the buff last for 30s i think and the cd is about 1sec with the cast time

I saw this too the other night. I couldnt figure out what caused it, but NONE of my prelates were buffing later in the game. I know it worked in early game, but sometime around imperial age they all stopped. I could do it manually, but they would not buff any of my villagers automatically.

I noticed it after sending one to go grab a relic, drop it off, and return to position but i’m not certain if it stopped before that or not.