Prelates do NOT heal injured units, nor buff them

The HRE prelate currently ONLY heals ONE unit, and even if there’s 15 other injured units right next to it, he will NOT swap. it gets locked on healing only one unit.

even worse, the military buff to increase attack and damage, ONLY works MANUALLY. even if it’s toggled to auto-buff nearby military units.

Go into a game and try it → get 15 injured units and puit them all around a prelate, the prelate will only heal one and wont heal nor buff any of the other injured ones

please fix i wanna play HRE but this makes it hard :frowning: :frowning:

the most frustrating part is he does NOT buff the military units after getting the church upgrade, unlike Rus’ warrior monks do automatically. this seriously needs a fix please D: it’s an expensive upgrade, and takes a lot of work to protect the prelate only to then have this not work

The team is definitely working on the Prelate bugs. Appreciate the report!