Presenting AoE4 Guides - yet another build order site?

For the past few weeks, I’ve been working on to have a central place for Age of Empires 4 build orders and guides. It evolved out of a “I want to learn some vue.js”-mood. Now I would like to share it with the community. features:

  • New: Copy to Clipboard for Overlay Tool
  • Create your own build orders
  • Share build orders with others
  • Browse and filter build orders (e.g. by season or likes)
  • Manage your own favorite build orders
  • Write comments to connect with the author and the community
  • Works on mobile as well as desktop
  • Guideline: UX, transparency and discoverability

The project is open source. Join the project and discuss future features on GitHub

Please let me know what you think. Any feedback, feature requests, or bug reports are appreciated!

Some impressions:

Build-Example (1):

Build-Example (2):



make a sum, of all the villagers or I will continue designing my build order in excel

and add another column for construction

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Thanks for the feedback.
Some questions regarding the additional columns:

Would the sum of all villagers replace the time or just be an addition?

The construction semantics is e.g. “2 villagers are building something”? Ist this understanding correct?

Feel free to add it as feature request in the github project rightaway. :slight_smile:

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the sum is an additional column, the time is also important. The construction is of some house or a landmarks etc.

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Construction is number of vills constructing something?
And sum would be: Sum of all res + constructing?

yes to each question

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The sum must be automatic because as seen in the image who did it, I add wrong manually

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Initial version of both should be live. Give it a try.
Might need some more iterations and tweaks, but seems pretty stable. :slight_smile:
Screenshot 2023-04-10 001244

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Incredible, I will share it on discord

Do you have a lot of China build orders?


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New feature: Copy to Clipboard for Overlay Tool

Screenshot 2023-04-10 224017

Screenshot 2023-04-10 224951

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I personally think build orders accelerate the degradation of the game. Once you switch from freeplay to build orders it’s hard to get out of “optimization”. Once the majority is using build orders (probably already for AoE4) the creativity just shrivels up. The meta becomes too obvious, imbalance becomes a sour point. A build order community just encourages dependence on build orders, dependence on the build makers. Sites like this only benefits pros and wannabe pros.

The problem is really the lack of variety, of build orders, but optimizing the game in a build order is not a bad thing, for example I just uploaded a specific Mongolian build order to attack with horsemen, not with spearmen, which is usual , the game and the community are barely old compared to aoe2, I heard an aoe2 stremer mention that the game is so studied that you won’t be able to surprise Viper with a new build order because the game is already 22 years old.

What I do agree is that it is more important to use a production calculator, which is in the tools, because each game is unique

Thank you so much!!!

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The lack of variety is partly due to the fact that build orders are already everywhere so the few people still playing the game are all using the same builds. That’s what I mean by the meta becoming too obvious, no one adventures into different builds if they already know a better one. There will always be a ‘best’ and that’s what kills variety.