Pressing 1[x2] should go to main army. Not to a single unit in the middle of nowhere

If 1 is the army control group, pressing 1 twice should move the camera to the bulk of the army (e.g. 50 units fighting together at the front), not to a single unit in the middle of the map that’s being rallied to the frontline.

We need to easily move the camera between our army and our main base. The current implementation makes this difficult.

If you survey Diamond/Conquerer players about this, you will find this is a very common pain point among all of them. Please implement this quality of life fix. Thank you.


I don’t even understand how it’s work right now. Is it moving the camera on the last units train? sometime it fill inconsistant

I don’t know what the current algorithm is attempting to do, but it certainly isn’t “move the camera to where the most units are”, which is what it needs to be.

If you have 50 archers on the left side of the map and 1 archer on the right side, and all 51 archers are in control group 1, pressing 11 should move the camera to the left side 100% of the time, but that’s not how it’s currently behaving.

I could’ve sworn it used to work like people are suggesting before.

Like others are saying, it is currently broken. Kind of an important part of an RTS so I hope this gets fixed ASAP.


I don’t know about the beta, but I played it since release and it’s always been like this.

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Yeah doesn’t it go to the middle point of all the units?

It works fine if they are all actually on the same screen, but if not then that is obviously a bad way to do it.

It should focus on the biggest cluster of units that are in the control group and ignore the “outliers”.


Exactly, we need it to be changed so that it functions like this.

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That’s why I use the key to delete from all control groups a lot, and I also suggested 10 more control groups

i can confirm this has been a major annoyance since the release of this game. aoe2 was nothing like this.

another one that needs immediate addressing is units (villagers in particular) circling around buildings. pathing of units really reflects you developers alright? have some pride. stop doing balance changes, stop doing biome stuff, people adapt to balance changes.

annoyances, bugs should be dealt with first and foremost. peoples real frustration are with issues the game has, not balance and beauty (enchanted grove is not pretty at all).

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As far as gameplay QOL, being sent to your main army when tapping twice is up there alongside with better pathing and more responsive units instead of the sluggish movement we have right now.

Fingers crossed that they’ll develop these things more in the future.

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Hopefully its fixed soon and we dont have to wait till the next big update in 3months.

Another problem i noticed when you add a unit to a qroup, if you add more to it later when you move the units the new ones dont move. Mainly notice it early game and need to press few times to get them all moving

as it is or as you suggest, it is similar wc3, for me it is best to have more control groups, thanks