Prevent AI opponents from resigning?

Is it possible to prevent opponents from resigning?
Playing against Hard and even though they often have 50% of their units and 70% of their buildings (incl. a whole bunch of castles), they resign. No clue why, but it’s a shame.

Playing Deadmatch.

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Yes, just open up the big chat menu in-game, make sure you’re chatting to all enemy AIs and then use the AI command to forbid the AIs to resign (select from the list or just chat 104). :slight_smile:



Many thanks for this great feedback!

I think, that this solution is just a work-around and should not be needed.
AI should generally keep on fighting till they are almost dead. Having 50-70% of units/buildings left certainly won’t qualify as “almost dead”. Hmm, less than 10% left seems like “dead” for me.

Still the same issue. Hard with infinitive resources. My opponent built around 30 castles, but no units. Then, he suddenly resigned. I didn’t even attack him!