Previously unlocked Granary and Village became unavailable once Ming dynasty is achieved

On achieving Ming dynasty

Granary, VIllage became unavailable

Dynasty unlocking order: Song → Yuan → Ming
Age-up landmark: Barbican → Clocktower → Spirit Way

My understanding of this is that this is intended. Just like the unique units being unavailable when you reach a new dynasty. Luckily the spirit way Landmark allows you to build previously achieved dynasty units but not buildings.

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It seems wrong that Chinese get locked out of previous benefits after investing heaps of resources to unlock them in the first place

Dynasty architecture is unique, like the pyramids built in 2560 BC, not the pyramids built in the 21st century

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Is like saying we are incapable of building pyramid in 21st Century

My guess is that this is working as intended: each time you get a new dinasty you get new units and buildings, but lose the access to buildings and units from previous dinasties: that’s the reason why Spirit Way is so valuable: it enables you to build the units from your previous dinasties.

On regards the two buildings you are talking about: village and granary:

  • Village is a big house that has garrison, and it’s pretty cool. The purpose of this building is to enable a boomig economy while having some secure spot to garrison your villagers when you haven’t finished walking up your base. It’s a transition building… or it can be placed in a risky position, after a castle drop to secure an area for your forward villager. The idea is that this should be built around early/mid castle and that after that it shouldn’t be needed.

  • Granary is a great eco building, and it’s even better when you build it near the imperial academy. This is a building for late castle or early imperial, to set up your economy and be ready to spam any unit that you may need… But at this point you should be already walled up and in a consolidated position.

I think that by limiting the quantity of these buildings and only making them available on a certain dinasty the devs intend to force you to do a “slow but secure” strategy: if you rush imperial, you won’t be able to have access to them.

On top of that, once you hit Ming, if you still had access to those buildings you would stop building houses and mills, since their dinasty counterpart are much better.

Another point: I kind of like the idea that if you lose your main base you won’t be able to return to your former glory, so you can’t build villages and granaries. It kind of forces you to play defensive.

Note: I’m not defending the position, I’m just playing devil’s advocate here trying to understand why they did it on this way.

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We can build a pyramid in the 21st century, but will there be a pharaoh in it? ? ?

Geez who need Pharaohz when America has Trump?

It feels dumb garrisoned villages can’t shoot.