Price bug in Turkey

Hi there.
I think there is a pricing bug in here

It is 128 TL in Microsoft Store
But It is 32 TL in Steam?
I am not sure which price is actual price,but i hope it will be fixed.

It seems no one cares

I think it should be 56,25 ₺ cuz both AoEDE and AoE2DE have that price tag.

Maybe.i hope it will be fixed

It’s not a bug probably because Turkish Lira is so worthless and thanks to Steam they are downgrading the price i mean if USD is 1 to 7 in Turkey they are thinking the minimum wage and economy of the country and recommending a lower price which is 32₺ in this case. If you try to buy on Microsoft Store it’s more expensive than Steam but at the end still more cheaper if we compare with USD.

After all thanks to Steam and Microsoft for this price because me and the other Turkish guys maybe get the game hard if they only tag the game on current USD currency, in this situation i bought all three DE =)

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