Price Discrimination Lords of the West

The price policy of Age of Empires Lords of the West is disappointing.
In the US the game costs 10 dollars while the game in Switzerland costs 16 dollars. That’s more than a 50 Percent increase. Usually, when the game costs 10 dollars in the US the game will cost around 10 CHF in Switzerland. That’s still more but somewhat understandable. In Germany, similarly, the game costs 10 Euro there (12 USD). In Switzerland, However, the game costs 14 CHF (16 USD).
I mean I understand that the game can’t cost the same in India as it does in the US or they wouldn’t make any money off the game. But that doesn’t hold for the swiss and us market. It’s just a digital copy. I certainly won’t buy the game until they fix the pricing.

This is how Steam and how people living in that country can afford games works. Like Argentina usually has cheapest games but I don’t think people can really afford them.

Maybe check Microsoft store? Try to find US site on a browser to have a chance to buy with US dollar.

There is a site called Steam data base. It gives a lot of information about how much it costs in other countries.

Edit: Sorry friend, Swiss pays the most. If you have global friends (like from Argentina, Turkey or USA. Consider using Steam gift system, I don’t really know how this exactly works).


They disabled international gifts a long time ago. I do understand that the price should be much lower in Argentine. If they sold it for the same price in Argentine as in the US they wouldn’t make any money. But at the end of the day if you aren’t making any money it doesn’t matter where you live. The price difference is just so striking this time around felt like the difference was less for Aoe 2 de. Maybe I’m wrong. Thank you anyways.


You are right, the price difference for the base game was less.

I am used to pay more in Switzerland, but this time they have gone too far. I’m also disappointed by this price policy and will not buy the DLC until the price gets corrected.

CHF 10 for the new DLC would still be more than USD 10, but I would be ok with that.

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Price differences have to do with local distributors, contracts with the government, and national laws regarding imports.
This is something Microsoft is neither at fault for, nor can do anything about, sadly.

Vote accordingly, if this troubles you so much.


I mean, technically Microsoft could choose to take a profit hit and reduce the sale price of the good to compensate for the import taxations, but that just means less for the devs to work with.

In reality, I think you lose more in the long run not allowing the market to pressure the policy-makers for their decision to increase prices. If you don’t, maybe the hit gets larger as you bend to duck it.

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Simply not true. Taxes in Germany are 19% and taxes in Switzerland 7%. So the taxes are lower and still the price is higher. It’s just price discrimination. According to your factors, it should be cheaper. Microsoft just decided to make it more expensive in Switzerland.

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Not how it works, prices are set per country in accordance to what the government there wants them to be.

Like it or not, this is not Microsofts prerrogative. They set a base price ($10.00) and then it changes depending on national (and sometimes even regional) laws.

The price of steam games are based on region, which is amazing for poor countries, look for a key from argentina and you will buy the game for like 3 dollars.

No steam merely suggests prices. Publishers could individually change them or make a base price. It’s illogical to think that the Swiss government somehow wants a higher price.

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Check Big Mac Index. How many Big Macs u can buy instead of the DLC?

I can buy only 2 Big Macs but the DLC is almost the cheapest.
PS in the USA u can buy 2.5 Big Macs for the same DLC.

Can confirm. Lords of the West cost the same as 1 Coke and a half :rofl:

We tried to gift the game to a friend living in Denmark and steam didn’t let us because of the price difference.

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