Priests should stop to heal things when given an attack order, instead of marching to their death

So maybe some grognards will complain because the game is too “attack move” heavy or whatever, but in Starcraft 2, when you attack moved with a group of units, your medics as the terran would stop and heal stuff as it took damage, so they didn’t get caught out away from the other units. In this game when you have a group with priests in it, and issue an attack move, the priests ignore all units even if they’re injured, and just walk to that point, which means they usually are the first to die. So the only way to effectively use priests is to put them in their own hotkey group, and just manually give them a move order to stand right behind the main line, which seems really dumb.

Priests should stop and heal things on their way to an attack order point. They’re already very vulnerable and expensive, they shouldn’t also require so much extra micro.


Absolutely agree, attack move should translate to heal move for priests so they do not march ahead and die.

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I also agree, the only time priests should walk past your units after an attack move order is if there are no injured units to heal… minimizes the micro somewhat but not completely as you’ll still need to micro them if all your units are full hp, which is fair enough.

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Agreed. This is another feature that is standard in other RTS’s, such as Starcraft 2 medivacs.

such a simple solution should have been thought of with the new monks… they should automatically detect and heal on auto attack move they would even follow the unit as they got out of range

This for sure! I thought it was already in the game and lost 5 prelates to Keep attacks!