Prithviraj without DLC Dynasties of India: two issues

Hello, I have not (yet) purchased the new DLC Dynasties of India. I definitely will, but wanted to get a “foretaste” playing Prithviraj with the Gurjaras. I met two issues (so far):

  • I can save the game all right, but can’t load the saves afterwards.
  • Upon completing the second mission, I received the Steam achievement “Dravidian victory”. Although there are dravidian allies, of course this shouldn’t happen.

Additionally, and I will open a new thread if it happened to anyone else as I am not sure, but it feels like there is a problem since the last patch with villagers not returning properly to work after being sheltered in the TC.

Hi @Horapallas !

Could you send us the savegame you can’t load? You can find it here:
C:\Users\User\Games\Age of Empires 2 DE\76561198208185053\savegame