Problem I feel about aoe4

Well, that’s it… After 1400h of gameplay I had enough and uninstalled this game. almost 3 years from launch and they cannot fix Mongol unpack or balance the imperial gameplay. Oh boy I would have wished something else from this game.


Yes, make the UU stronger, but more expensive and that’s it…

I’m going to wait for the dlc and play it, it will be the last chance I give the game…


When done respectfully, every forum user has the right to create a thread and be respected, whether others agree or not, without being disparaged. I hope this is clear.


You know well that expressing oneself in a better manner is the best approach on this forum, and it won’t take away your point.


Well, did they fix the Mongol unpack?

To be honest, not really. They tried to fix it, by making so buildings will attempt to unpack multiple times. But, because of the slow speed of these things, they can get stuck for quite a few seconds. Meaning, they will eventually give up if enough time passes, which does happen frequently.

The fix also didn’t cover two other major problems of unpacking. One, being that any form of unit pathfinding will utterly destroy the buildings attempt at unpacking, which makes Mongol woodlines a very frustrating experience. The second is that any control grouped buildings that get moved, will have the control group erased, meaning you have to rebind them everytime.

So, while I am happy that this is finally getting addressed, there is still much work needed to make it a mechanic that won’t require babysitting. It is quite obvious that the inspiration is that of the Terran buildings in Starcraft, they should just make them operate similarly. Such a mechanic needs to be dependable for it to ever be used seriously.

The mechanic needs some QoL features as well. For example, let us command a packed building to queue production while it is packed. Not to start producing, but to simply queue whatever unit, which will start to produce once it has unpacked at its location.

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I have no idea honestly…I haven’t played the game since January…

Longbows in aoe4 have FAR more range than archers and have more damage.
They are not cheap, they cost more than archers.
What is your problem?

Back in the day, every citizen had to practice shooting the longbow regularly, in order to be able to defend the country.
So you could say, many of the longbowmen were basically called in civilians.
Does this not bring the base for a “cheap” longbowman in the game?
Historically, it makes lots of sense honestly.

I do agree with your point of the era.
The gunpowder era is much more interesting and exciting than the middle ages.
Aoe3 was a masterpiece because of the gunpowder glory elements.
No other aoe got me ever as excited as aoe3 at its launch in 2005 and until today aoe3 is my fav out of the whole aoe series, mostly because of the gunpowder units and amazing countersystem.
Also, that you can train a full-force army in age2 and don’t have to stick with trash-units until age3.
Falconets with heavy siege damage as well as HUGE infantry-wiping potential and dragoon-type units to hunt light-infantry age3 and heavy cav for every civ (!!!) in age2 made this game so freakin amazing.
No bullsh** fights age2 like in aoe4.
Aoe4 lacks cannons with area damage.

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Please. Don’t bring HRE Maa into this. It’s not a unique unit and I’m sick of you lot claiming them to be.

I think I’ve already explained it a couple of times, but as AoE 4 (and 2) are set in the Middle Ages, there’s no such thing as heavy cav in Feudal Age, simply because heavy cav in Medieval warfare weren’t used until 1000-1100 which coincides with Castle Age. Civ-unique exceptions may apply.
As AoE 3 is set in ~1500 till the end of the 19th century, heavy cav is obviously already more widespread.

I agree, after the Middle Ages, the knights and paladins fell into disuse and the hussars, who were light cavalry, in 1570 became heavy cavalry and that is why they are heavy cavalry in AoE 3…and about the period, well, yes AoE 3 is more interesting because the Middle Ages are very overexploited and the colonial era is not seen so often…

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Some of them feel like that for sure

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