Problem to control in combat

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Hi problem to me, when I control the archer, (crowded) and when I killed 1, my group stop attack and go forward to enemy let enemy kill all. Can test and fixx it ??? Can not play with this bug make me horrible when playing.

This bug is NOT working with patrol and attack move

Select your archers =>
Rightclick on a ennemi unit =>
Archers will kill that unit and then WALK to the dead unit place

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Yes you said rights but it make me horrible, can not mix my archer . So I lose on combat so much. Can you suggestions to me for solve ít???

Hello @NarrowBubbles54
We’re already tracking an issue where units walks forward when attacking.
Thanks for your report :slight_smile:


Thank you so much, just report bug let all can see.

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My suggestion would be to use attack move while they are fixing it

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:((( I settings it but still hard, :frowning: thank so much. :((

I have the same Issue, i try to use patrol instead but is really annoying when trying to micro :frowning:

Good to know they are aware of this. :slight_smile: