Problem with aoe II and aoe III

Hi there I did not know where to post this knowing that I have many problems. We’ll start with age of empires II. I installed it and I launch it but an error message is displayed: Please login with manager privileges and try again (this is Age of Empires II not HD version). About Age of Empires III when I install it it freezes and the error message displays:Error: When reading the file C\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires III\ Sound\Sound. bar. Check that this file exists and that you are authorized to access it. Can you give me a little help.

First of all you will need to make sure that DirectPlay is installed. Go to Configuration panel and click on ‘Programs’. Now click on ‘Turn windows features on or off’. Make sure that below Legacy components DirectPlay is checked. If not then place checkmark and click on ‘OK’.

Next make sure you launch the game with elevated administrative permissions. To do so the easiest thing to do is to change the properties of the shortcut to the game or on the game’s executable file. Right click on the shortcut and choose properties, then click on advanced and put checkmark at ‘Run as administrator’.

If the game still fails to start properly try to change the settings on the compatibility tab to Windows XP SP3, or Vista / Windows 7. Also apply those settings to other executables inside the game’s program folder. For most games changing compatibility settings isn’t necessary though.

I hope you find this info helpful, but no warranty given.

ok thank you but it didn’t work for aoeII because I don’t know why now when I double click on the game icon it doesn’t start and when I click on the cd game icon it starts. So I press play, the launcher goes off and nothing opens. And that doesn’t solve the problem I have with aoeIII

i saw that SafeDisc support is deliberately omitted from Windows 10 due to security concerns. It bothers me a little because I bought almost all the age of empires as well as age of mythology and age of mythology The Titans and I would like to play again without buying them all for 80 or 100 Euros. Can i give my product keys to get new digital versions?

Unfortunately there is no way to redeem retail product CD keys for digital copies of any Age game.

However, the Age of Empires community team frequently announces giveaways on the blog, social media and the weekly stream which provides the community with an opportunity to win a free digital copy of an Age game. Currently there is a Wololo Wednesday contest running for the month of July. You can read about the contest here.

There are also other solutions. I bought the whole series again through Steam. Digital delivery.

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yes but i have to buy them :frowning:

Those game are not expensive in summer sale at Steam. Far more cheap then buying a decent second hand PC with an old windows version just to run those old games on CD. Regarding AOE II there is also a very well known NO-CD patch you could apply to your old CD-ROM installation.

Ok thank you i will buy them on steam i think.

Except the Steam summer sale ended on July 4, 10 days ago. :wink: