Problem with camel riders

That doesn’t matter because Battle Eles destroy Camels.

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Yeah you’re right, the only thing that will allow me to remain immersed in the game play is the existence of mice on the heads of camels when fighting elephants. Otherwise I’ll just stop playing.

I don’t think this needs to be a mod… I think the devs need to add it to the base game! :rofl:


Camels aren’t even a proper counter to elephants since they only get the regular anti-cav bonus dmg here while the spear line has a dedicated anti-elephant bonus on top of that. Even a regular feudal age spearman has three times the bonus dmg against elephants compared to a camel.


Cause the rider is sitting higher up, giving them the high ground.

I thought that much is obvious!

Sitting higher then an elephant?

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Elephant beats Camel 1 on 1, it’s just they are bigger and much harder to train.

Think before you write!

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and that is working as intended if you ask me. i have no problem with elephants winning 1v1.
notice that camel is the only unit that does bonus damage to cavalry, that doesn’t also have a bonus damage to elephants on top of that.

as for the elephant being bigger and harder to train, they also have a ton more uses. camels are anti cavalry only. elephants are pretty great all around units.

i’m not sure what you’re even talking about at this point. the topic creator or not the topic creator? because the way your response was worded, it could be either. but then again, only 2 elephant units actually have riders on them.


I read the whole thread and I have still no clue what it is about.
I think we all know camels and Eles are just “constructed” the way they are in the game. It’s clearly a balancing thing. Eles are proposed to be a slow moving heavy type knight, but harder countered whilst camels are cav countering cav. So it’s actually clear what should happen when they meet each other in the game.
What should be changed?

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Just a joke I’d say.

I really hope this topic is sarcasm

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This is some serious discrimination from you Westeners.

Please take Camels and Elephants seriously even if they’re not in Europe or the US!

Joke’s on you, I’m not a Westerner.

Now if you’d mind tell us what exactly is your issue?

All I see is trolling and joking. Let’s be serious

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