Problem with the language of the game

I have a problem, I am Italian and I have recently changed the keyboard, but the keyboard has the American layout, then I changed the language of the layout, not that of the PC, only that of the keyboard, keeping all the Italian settings, but I can not open the game having as the first layout the American one, because automatically the game goes in English, if instead I put Italian as the first language of the keyboard and restart the PC, back in Italian, but as soon as I open it with the wrong layout it changes language, the problem is that the language of the computer and the region always remains Italian, only the keyboard layout changes, but the language is detected by the keyboard layout, not from the language and region of pc, it would be nice if with a new patch you fix, or you added an option to choose the game language from the game menu

to make these screens, I had to restart the pc changing only the order of the keyboard layout

this is a problem for a simple reason, if I put the First layout the Italian one, yes the game will open in Italian, but I will always have to remember to change the layout of the keyboard in American in the options at the bottom right, every time I turn on the PC, if instead I put as the first layout the American one, I will no longer be able to play the game in Italian

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Sorry I missed this one @Infinito6739. Best thing to do here would be to contact support. They’ll be more likely to help or file the proper bug in this case.

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