Problems with the minimap interface

I have a friend who recently started playing DE (before he only played on TAD) and he has several problems with the interface, the most complicated is this, on the minimap the elements appear too large and make viewing very difficult. I have passed the settings of my game, but they still appear like this, if someone knows how to solve it, we would be very grateful. Thank you!

This is how he looks to him

and this is how he looks to me


I’m not sure where you would permanently change the icon size, but I think it’s a resolution issue. Try having him pick a higher resolution. On legacy, those icons can seem really small if your screen resolution is too good

There is probably somewhere in the UI or Art files to decrease icon size if that isn’t a great option. That would require a mod though

After chatting with my partner, he told me that he has a VGA monitor, so yes, it is a resolution problem.

Thanks anyway for the help, there you have your medal (?

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