Problems with unit attack stance

Affects all versions of the game.

Some units have an attack stance (aggressive, defensive, stand ground) in the proto file, which overrides the user setting for default attack stance. For some units it’s needed, but for others it’s unnecessary and makes it more difficult for the player to manage their units.


Deleting the above line of code for these units will make them consistent with most other units:

  • Agamemnon
  • Ajax
  • Ajax Older
  • Amanra
  • Amanra Older
  • Arkantos
  • Arkantosman
  • Jialong
  • Kastor Adult
  • Monkey King
  • Oracle Hero
  • Pixiu
  • Shade XP
  • Shun
  • All Walking Woods units

Two units should have an attack stance but currently don’t:

  • Fimbulwinter Wolf should be aggressive.
  • Oracle Scout should be defensive.

Additionally, units created automatically (e.g. from the Town Centre at the start of the game or from the Temple at age up) don’t follow the user setting.

Attack stance can’t be changed for Ulfsark Starting because the unit is tagged as Economic instead of Military in the proto file.

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You are right. It hasn’t been fixed yet.