Production queue locked on screen as in AoE3

Why can’t we?

AoE3 had implemented an very useful feature: being able to see the production queue of all your building all the time as it was lock on screen.

In AoE4, we have to go into our town center to actually see if we’re producing villagers or not. We have to check our military building to see if we’re producing soldiers or not, etc. It’s kinda frustrating and boring when you’re used to play on AoE3.

And if you think the queue would be too long and take too much place on screen, we could just put a single icon for each type of unit / technology. For example, if I have 3 villagers and 5 archers on queue, I’ll just see two icons on my production queue —> 1 villager icon with a x3, and 1 archer icon with a x5.

I don’t think that it would be “less skilled”, I mean skill isn’t about spamming your building just to check the queue is ok. I truly hope they will implement it or at least have a mod for it.

And again, why they developped the game ignoring all the interesting features AoE3 implemented.

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This is mentioned in the roadmap, but it looks like it isn’t planned until after Spring 2022. If you think this is extremely poor, I wouldn’t disagree with you.

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