Profanity filter issue

“Cung” is an extremely common word in Vietnamese, like “the” in English. It’s also mean archer in aoe2 (Vietnamese has different tone for the same word).

It’s is super frustrating that most of our in game communication now is “*** ****** ****”

Peole tried to say go archer in 7 ways and all get “****”. Tobe honest it’s too frustrating it starts becoming funny.


My name seems to be fixed with the new patch, so I’m happy with it. Of course it would be cool to have a less intrusive filter (I’m seeing simple stuff getting starred in-game when watching streams), but I am against optional filter: still the problem is that you see it, but does your enemy/ally see? It’s better to know and rephrase until it is not starred so you know, the message arrived.
Also just disabling a buggy feature is always bad from the devs point of view (as I am also a developer), because they want to do a bug-free feature people use, not a buggy feature people disable (thus reducing the usefulness and feedback).

No one wants any kind of censor - whether it censors stuff like ‘Rudolfking’ or words that “should” be censored.

If another player is having trouble seeing what’s being said then they can turn off the filter. If they refuse to then that’s their problem, everyone else shouldn’t have it forced on them because of a small minority. Even better, just remove the censor entirely, we lasted 20 years without it there’s no reason to add it now; plus everyone sees the same thing.