Professional Scouts and sige towers needs more love!

I remember those days when Professional Scouts was used in AGE4, this technology has been almost completely forgotten. I have not seen either in my games or in professional games that use it. This technology has a lot of potential because it could help certain not-so-aggressive civs to get the deer in their own base, but the latest nerf made it not so viable anymore. Perhaps it would be good to think of a new way to introduce this technology without losing its unique essence or, in any case, reducing its cost of gold.

On the other hand, the siege towers, to be honest, nobody uses them in multiplayer as it is in the current meta and with the nerfs to the stone walls. However, I am one of those who think that if there is any unit or technology in the game it should be used, because it is there for a reason. And many will wonder, who cares about siege towers if nobody uses them? well to that I could say that the developers already take that into account, because in the last survey they asked something about whether we would like to improve certain aspects of the siege towers which for me was something interesting that could happen in the future.

In conclusion, it could be interesting that they give the necessary love that this unit and technology should have, since with the new patch that is about to come out and with the new season they gave love to many of the landmarks that were not used and how we could see they were very well accepted, I leave them for debate :wink:

P.S: Grenadier needs a love to :wink:


Siege garrisoned with infantry should fire arrows like a frickin’ minigun. It should also be a moving outpost with its visibility and all. While there, make it more durable and allow units to “stream” through it, that is: when placed next to a wall there should be a simple mechanic to allow units to pass through instead of the annoying garrison/ungarrison micro. Imagine building stone walls all around and suddenly realizing there’s a siege tower parked outside which is like a gaping hole in your defenses.

The scouts are a lost cause after Feudal. Not sure who was the genius to separate scouts from light cavalry (since that’s basically what scouts are). It was done properly in AoE2 but we like walking backwards it seems. The usual now is making at most 1 more scout apart from the one you start with and then forgetting about them past Castle since they become useless. What I do is mix them up with other units so they get killed and I free up some pop space.

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Bee if you use professional browsers, it’s an underrated technology