Progress bar for research and/or unit production

Hello, Age community and developers.

A visible progress bar for research and/or even unit production could be a very helpful feature to monitor the progress made and utilize information quicker. It provides valuable information without being time-consuming. At the present moment, the notifications about research completion are easy to overlook.
I have made a visual draft of how the progress bar for research could look below.
Should the game have a visible progress bar for unit production as well? Or only for research? Any thought?

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I’ll second this. The announcement that techs finish is okay, but it’s short, and doesn’t help you know when it will happen.

If you’ve clicked up on an upgrade (or two with two blacksmiths) and want to do a timing attack when they are finished it feels like pointless micro to have to go back and check when they will finish.

I’d also like the option for it to show onscreen. As an option you could turn it off it’s not your thing, or you’re playing Delhi and have 10000 upgrades going.

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Yes, please! having to click on each building in order to see progress of each research is so annoying!

Global Queue is something the Devs are aware of and want to implement it.