Promised real INDIAN Civ when?

was that a fake promise to calm down netizens?

I guess they released the Indian Dynasties DLC in Aoe2:DE just to show that they care about the Indian civilization, so that there is a “clear separation” between the Delhi Sultanate and the Hindu peoples, in the Middle Age period.

Now the Sultanate of Delhi is represented in AoE2 by the Hindustanies, while the Bengals, ######### (D r a v i d i a n s) and Gurjara are the Indian civs, which also represent empires that existed in the Late Middle Ages (From the fall of Rome to the Lombard League), as the Chola, and the Bengali-Pala Empire of Devapala.

I also think they do it in Aoe2 first to test the mechanics of the new possible Indian unique units work well when they are transferred to AoE4.

For Age IV, considering the timeline, and now considering empires or cultures of a region and not just racial groups, maybe they take out the Indian Civ as Vijayanagara Empire, or take them out as “India”, and represent both the Chola, Vijayanagara and some Rajput empires .

If there are new Civs, probably like last year, let them know in August 2023, and we’ll see them next season in October or November. If we’re lucky, more than 2 will come out, or some campaign announcement, if they’re not too busy announcing Mythology Retold out of the blue without a teaser, like when Return of Rome came out.

Off topic:
Por otro lado, estoy un poco triste porque la serie HERNÁN (2019), que narra la vida de Cortés, se quedo en la primera temporada, y por razones no reveladas, (probablemente Covid o por el gobierno de AMLO), cancelaron indefinidamente la segunda. Lo peor es que no es una cancelación oficial, pero muchos de los actores están actuando en otras producciones, así que ya no es nada seguro, y justo me aguantaba mi tiempo para que cuando salga podría hacer con mayor seguridad mi Concepto de Aztecas… pero no, ya nada es seguro. Voy a sacar mi concepto, esperemos que hoy, le he puesto mucho amor y demasiadas modificaciones para que sea lo más consistente posible.

Well, most likely it will take time for them to add a new Indian civilization.

There are many other civilizations that are also in the “queue”.

I love Indian civilization, and my bet for a new civilization will be one located in South India, probably called: Chola Empire or Hoysala Empire or Vijayanagara Empire.

Regarding the DLC, when will it be released??.. let’s imagine here… So far, the first DLC is out, so maybe in 2023 or 2024 the second DLC will come out. I imagine that a new Indian civilization only comes in the fourth or fifth DLC, of course that’s a guess, there’s no way to know.