Proportions of some buildings to units and to each other not consistent

First at all,
thank you for the open stress-test.
It demonstrated the big potential of this game! And it was really fun to play AEO4

A few little problems are existing but they all were mentioned in the feedback topics…
But there are two things that concern me (and not only me)
A little more details when villagers walk into the village center. Please get in through the door not through the wall. When troops are entering a castle, they can use the stairs/ways to thecastle. That would look great.

And I think it would be great if two things could be adaptet or at least improved.

  1. the proportions of the buildings to units but also to each other is in some cases simply not consistent.
    For Example the ratio of the size of swordsmen, archers and knights to the barracks and barns really doesn’t fit. The mentioned buildings are too small in comparison to the units.
    The city wall is really big and impressive but the building type castle looks too small beside the huge city wall.
    The ratio size of castle to elephant is also simply wrong and just looks ridiculous on pictures.

So yes you can say if the buildings are too big you can’t see the units anymore, but I think through the bright colors you will see the units. Further you can use zoom function…

  1. What I think is really great is that the units are visible on the walls and that all the nations have different look.
    For me it would have been really great if the units could also be seen on the building type castle… Imagine archers on the walls of a castle :blush:
    Please make the building type castle bigger and more majestic!!! Like it really was.
    And again with that I do not mean the city wall.

So the new Microsoft flightsimulator is an big succes. One big part of this succes is the graphic of this game. Yes it is an other genre but also a big title.
AEO 4 is also a big title. Yes there is the argument with the gameplay fun
However, the eye eats with … And we are talking about AEO

  1. Another outstanding feature would be that the castles and by that I do not mean city walls but the building type castle could be expanded in size and appearance. E.g. around a castle keep (donjon) or an additional ring wall, moat, etc. That should be correspondingly expensive but also massively strengthen the castle so that sieges, as usual in the Middle Ages, can be depicted more realistically. In addition, that would be a further distinguishing feature.

What do you think?!!


I share the same opinion about the proportions, but i don’t think it will change, unfortunately, at this point I just hope to get used to the way it is.

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agree, the proportions are kinda bad.