[Proposal] Built-in interactive Build orders guides

Hello, I wonder if would be useful to have an real-time guide of Build Orders available in any game.
Maybe for casual or beginner players could be handly have this feature to have a friendly approach to BOs.
Vanilla game could have the most common BO like double archery, scouts, drush, etc. And add in the editor context the posibility of create your own guides or upload from community.

You could activate it in the start of the game and choosing which BO you prefer execute.
Messages in the UI tell you the steps to make the chosen BO.



TBH i think the current optimised buildorder meta is somewhat of an issue.
As it logs in the already established opening concepts, making it increasingly difficult to find/construct new onws outside of the established meta.

So, no. I’m against reinforcing this tendency from the official development.

Also referring to that like only 2 % of the playerbase is actually competing on the ladder… I think it would be counterproductive to tactically “lead” the 98% casuals to this direction as from my personal experience… there is really no real way back…