Proposal for a new civilization: The Aragonese

Maybe, but could be cool if offset by lacking Dry Dock and Careening.

Lol no!

Portugal is OLDER than Spain, it is vastly different to it.
Spain did not even exist in the Middle Ages, but Portugal did.

If anything, introducing the Spanish civ first was a mistake by the original devs. Portuguese tactics and social structure, was very different to Spanish ones too.

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I know that but from what I heard their little cavalry was still decent so I think them getting Paladins isnt that bad. They shouldnt have it if you design a Portuguese only civ but its not heresy to inlude them on a civ with

Thats not what Im talking about and you should know that…

Spanish isnt about the kingdom of Spain, its about the inhabitants from the Iberian peninsula. Portuguese should be incliuded there. I mentioned Spain because the excuse is that Portuguese are really diferent but they arent any more diferent than other civs included by the current Spanish civ


The idea of a civ getting Paladins, is taht they could muster large numbers of Heavy Cavalry, or that Heavy Cavalry was a ig part of their military culture, like the Franks or the Teutons (HRE).
Portugal never mustered large numbers of Heavy Cavalry, and it’s military culture was centered around the Crossbow or Spear and Shield. It was a Pike & Shotte country, not a Charging Cavalry country.

No, Spanish SPECIFICALLY means Spain, otherwise it would be Iberians.
If you put “Spanish” in anything, you mean Castille and Leon, no Portugal. No way would Portuguese ever get represented a a broad Spanish tag, because we are as different to the Spanish, as they are to the Russians.

There never was a united Spanish identity between Portugal and Spain, not even in the time of the Visigoths.
The descendants of the Lusitanians, which inhabited what is today Portugal, always set themselves apart from the rest of the peninsula, as a seafaring people.
Specially in the Middle Ages, the Portuguese language purposefully began a huge transformation PRECISELY not to sound like Castillian at all, as the Portuguese wanted to distance ourselves even further.

In fact, one could say that the core of Portuguese identity, is the Sea, and not being Spain.


Aragonese are already the Spanish.
Almost all the bonuses already exist ig.

Sorry, but I think you went a bit too far with the comparison (and you seem quite a bit biased for them).

Imo they arent called Iberians for a single reason: marketing. Calling the civ “Iberians” doesnt catch the same attention. The civ represents the history of Iberia since 719 in the old AoC edition.

The same goes for Swiss though and I still think them being represented by Teutons is fine.

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That’s why all the boni and the UU that they chose are related to the early modern Spanish Empire. There is barely any representation of Medieval Christian Iberia in the game as of now.


If thats your problem the same goes for a ton of other civs but that doesnt justify divisding them (and also many of the bonuses you complsin about neing from the Imperial Spain would fit fine for Portuguese anyway just fine). And as I said I dont think that Portos are more diferent to Spain than most of the other civs there personally. Theres a lot of variety on Spain

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I weep every time I play with the spanish, thinking about this.

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