Proposal for a new Expansion



I propose no new civs at all.


i propose you don’t buy any DLCs at all and leave this discussion alone.


Your proposal is denied. The majority of the community wants more civs.

“New civs” threads show up here and on Steam, regularly.


The majority wants more civs. The most popular threads propose new civs, not balance changes or other new stuff.


I propose you dont make thread with just a list of links without any explanation and leave this discussions alone.

Not sure about this claim. That there are many requests for new civs doesnt mean that the majority wants new civs. The number of active players on the such boards is very small and most likely not the average player.

Also having things proposed frequently doesnt mean it is good for the game. I see many very bad balance changes pop up. Luckily those balance changes also dont get a follow up from the devs.


i highly doubt that even the 5% of the multiplayer community of aoe 2 use this forum.

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There are three types of players:

  • I love the game and love where the devs are leading it to. (new user interface, battle royale, west europe civs)

  • I love the game but I would advice the devs to change some of their priorities so that game gets better.

  • Either give me everything for free or give me nothing (i.e. I want the game to die, no more expansions, no update etc)


I am not so sold on only indian civs as we already have the indian civ which i think cobers all indian-releated civs from the area

Actually, we could do with at least another 2.


One of the DLCs I’d like to see for this game. You could easily create new campaigns around it, the South Asian architecture would get more love as well as the Battle Elephant which gets only used by four civs so far.

I’m all for new expansions. This doesn’t mean I don’t want bug fixes or optimization either.

As I posted in another thread:


Burgundians and Sicilians hiding in the corner to not be pointed at

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There was no Indian civ or Indian Empire. That were many empires with different ethnic groups, traditions, military, religion etc.


With the release of LOTW, 2 more Indian civs are ok.


Rather than focusing on Dynasty, focus on the region and culture. We can have Rajpoots, Tamils, Bengalis, Pataliputr, etc

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We had a poll, it had the option of no more civs, and the vast majority of people just voted on whatever expansion they wanted.
The “No more civs” option, was a minority, even with the “More civs” being divided among several options.

Your side lost.

Agreed. Atleast of 3 total civs from the vast subcontinent makes sense.

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I think Tamils and Odyias would be the best choices, though I could see Odyias replaced by Sinhalese.

I bet this one may be wrong!

Since we are talking about 2 more Indian civs, the present “Indian” civ needs to be changed too. Since the Prithviraj Campaign is there, I believe one of the three has to be a Rajpoot.

btw JonOli, what nation are you from?