Proposal matchmaking system

Actual matchmaking system

  • vote for favorit
  • ban for unwanted

Ok, what the benefits are?

  • moderate lenght of waiting time
  • maybe force players to play diverse maps?


  • players have to play maps, which they dont want to play

It causes, that players alt+f4 frquenty.

So when I want to play some map, there is big chance, that I have to play map I dont want to, there is big chance, that somebody alt+f4, and at the end, I am often waiting half a day to play what I want. Just cant understand why?

Proposal matchmaking system

  • Every map shoud have checkbox, if somebody want to play the map, check it.
  • System can calculate estimated waiting time - if somebody checked only one unpopular map, it will show something like “2 hours estimated”. Then if check other maps, time begins to shorten.

So everbody will have choice. Who want short waiting time, just check everything. If want to play specific map, then you can wait.

Please, dont force me to waste my time and time of other players. Dont make totalitarian system. Make libertarianism.


I don’t really care much for your argument either way, but you definitely need to look up the meaning of totalitarianism.


This is a theoretical concept about how the matchmaking is perceived externally by the players.

How would this matchmaking work internally ? How does the system decide who plays against whom ?

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This would be same system as CS:GO currently has. Elo/ranks and same map picks and you get matched, easy as that. Pick less maps equals longer wait time, more maps less time, but you can keep out all the likes of michi etc.
CS:GO has bigger playerbase so its possible to make it even 1 map pick only, aoe should have like 3 maps picked minimum, on a scale from most favorite to least favorite.


I think in team games the 1 map pick could work very well and this should happen. For the 1v1 I think we need more bans available and make the map pool have classification like the map pool should have 8 maps. 3 of them Arabia and Arabia like, and the 5 remains could be 2water /hybrids, 2 closed, 1 megarandom

nobody is forcing you to waste time
that’s not what a totalitaian system is
nor would it be libertatianism

if you want to play one specific map → lobby (and i strongly think we should get some sort of ranking back for this)
if you want to play a variety of maps → ranked queue


People really out here forgetting that map variety is a thing. I heard people argue well pros dont play these maps, but we arent pros we are average joes and honestly it just boils down to all maps should be equally played maybe a csgo system might work dunno. But honestly people are allowed to vote and play whatever comes up in the system and shouldt be stopped by elitist who think oh bc pros plays arabia only it should be the same in regular games

Its not about 1 specific map, its about having 1 ban for TG-s when playing solo, which actually quite a lot people do. Either more bans or preffered maps.
Thing about variety of maps is that many people spam only toptier civs on certain maps, which get boring after few times. I would happily play say 5 to 6 maps out of current 9, if it was quaranteed to be random civ. But maps like michi/teamislands/bf are so boring, quite often turn into lag fiesta in imp.

I agree that in lobby there is possible to play one specific map, but point of matchmaking is to play agains same level players and have balanced games, that lobby cant offer.

However even if purpose of ranked queue is variety of maps, system of map choosing had it too. At least for people, who wants variety.

Other point of view: why we are okey with system, where only part of players are happy with, when we can have matchmaking system, where everybody can be happy with?

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Because such a system may be virtually impossible. Opinions about what is important in matchmaking are so different that you’re bound to dissatisfy some people.

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I really like the idea of being able to ban all maps you don’t want to play on ranked match. Players do alt-f4 every time when non-suitable match is found, making it frustrating for others too.

Of course queue times go up and the game should warn about selecting only one or two maps being playable can cause queue times be significantly higher. Same should be also on quick play.

This change could also bring players back that have left the game because of the quick play and/or ranked system.


speak for yourself. I have never alt-F4’d. People who do deserve their bans as they ruin the game for others

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Keyboard warriors should avoid MP discussions that don’t affect them, i see a lot of single players users and stackers defending current match making and it makes me sick, they don’t have to suffer what the rest of the playerbase has to.

I am done with MP team games playing as solo, such a waste of energy and soul, every single time is the same depressing experience, queue few mins and get paired vs 2100 chinese stackers with 1100 allies on my end and getting maps that i wouldn’t play if i had the chance to select’em, simply doing the same every single game session has corrupted me, i feel a terrible sensation whenever i am about to queue and relive the same thing.

Good job cysion, adam is green and co you really made me hate the only game mode i kept playing for more than 10 years.