Proposals of New Asian Native Tribes

Unfortunately they were gone centuries before the time period of aoe3.

However, there are still lots of possible natives for Middle East maps: Arabs, Assyrians, Armenians, Kurds, Turkmen, Alawites, etc. That region is full of very distinct peoples.


There could also be Bedouins. They could fit both Africa and Asia.


yes, all of these natives could perfectly be present in at least 4 or 5 maps, even if we splitted the arabs into several different natives like levantines, bedouins, yemeni, etc.

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I think I found the right name for the Asian Minor Civilizations category - Asian Communities.

Asian Communities would appear on maps of the Far East and South Asia - that is, at the same time, from those areas where the current Asian civs in the game come from. Also, the brand new Asian civs should be aligned with the old Asian civs for consistency, while Central Asia and the Middle East would be represented by a completely new type of civs - Islamic civs. Minor Civilizations category from Central Asia and the Middle East would be called Madinat’s (in arabic it just means town but it sounds cooler).

Thus, broadly defined East Asia and West Asia would be mechanically different from each other in the game. Brand new civs from Far East and South Asia would work with already defined rules, while civs from Central Asia and the Middle East would be something completely new to the game (created with completely new rules). Asian Communities and Madinat’s would be completely new categories of Minor Civilizations, so they could bring something new to the game.

Old Asian civs should get an update, but one that would allow new civs to be added on a similar basis. However, changes are necessary for them:

  1. Meji Restoration for Japanese - Westernization of Japan available in Japanese Isolationism (Consulate option)
  2. Cut Mongolian content from Chinese civ and replace it with Chinese content (Mongolian content would be added to e.g. Tatars civ).
  3. Changing Indians civ to Mughals civ - this would mean quite a rework (non-Mughals content would be added to other Indian civs or Minor Civilizations)

Asian Holy Sites would be renamed simply Holy Sites. This is no longer unique to Asian maps as Asian Holy Sites appear on American and African maps xDDD. I think that a bit more Minor Civilizations could be added to this category to make this category even more universal and could be a complement to maps from around the globe.

I’d give my right arm for those suggestions.

These Devs have a really keen eye for Euro details, using some good research for new shipment names and the most recent explosion of aesthetic changes - so it would be a really rather awesome thing if they could apply the same love to the Asian Civs. Give them some proper, accurate identity, instead of the weird, mystical East schtick Ensemble gave them. AoE3’s audience isn’t silly (honest!) - we can all understand that all these civs were not all about medieval firework launchers, made-up cavalry and Elephant units and all being led by religious figures :smile:


By the way, I think then also Japanese Isolationism would be interesting after all, if it had the possibility of real Meji Restoration.

There is currently a Meiji Restoration there, but it looks like this:

Meiji Restoration; 4,000 export; Advances to the Imperial Age without having to build a wonder

I really don’t think it’s cool that the Japanese can make Age Up to Age 5 without building a Wonder. In my opinion, it’s useless.

I would prefer Meiji Restoration to become a Big Button that would work like a revolution - replacing all units with ones that would better suit the Meiji Period.

The flag of the Japanese civ after the Meiji Restoration election

Maybe another option would be to add for every old Asian civ a revolution like option, not just for Japanese civ:

  1. Boxer Rebelion for Chinese civ


  1. British Raj for Mughals civ (A thorough rework of the Indians civ would allow units from the British Raj era to be transferred to this “revolution”.)
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Personally I’d move all British Raj content to the British civ.

And maybe there could be an “India” rev for, idk, Brits and Ports?

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No. This civilization takes the Qing Empire as the main reference, not simply the Han people. It is inappropriate to cut out units of Mongolian origin.

Changing the in-game dialogue of those units to Mongolian is more respectable. Perhaps it is possible to simply use the Aoe2 Mongol sound file directly.

This is actually splitting the Indians.
Although I know some people, including you, really like to split existing civilizations, I don’t think this is what AoE3 needs now.

Introduce New Army Regular, New Army Rifleman and New Army General as representatives of Asian modernization.

After the Japanese studied the Meiji Restoration:

  • Every Daimyo and Shogun will transform into a New Army General.
  • Each Ashigaru will be turned into 1 New Army Regulars.
  • Each Samurai will be turned into 2 New Army Regulars.
  • Each Yumi will be turned into a New Army Rifleman.
  • Every Naginata will be turned into Hussar.
  • Every Yabusame will be turned into Dragoon.
  • Each Flaming Arrow will be turned into a Falconet with 80% HP.
  • Each Morutaru will be turned into a Mortar with 80% HP.
  • Consulates will automatically and immediately End Isolation, and Isolationism will no longer be available.
  • In Barracks, enable New Army Regular and New Army Rifleman, and disable Ashigaru, Samurai and Yumi.
  • In Stables, enable Hussar and Dragoon, and disable Naginata and Yabusame.
  • In Castles, enable Falconet, Culverin and Mortar, and disable Flaming Arrow and Morutaru.
  • In Shogunate, enable the retraining of New Army General, and disable the retraining of Daimyo and Shogun.
  • The New Army General will provide the abilities of Daimyo.
  • Cards in the deck are changed to ship the turned units.

By the way, the Ever Victorious Army card should be provide 15 New Army Regulars and 15 New Army Riflemen for the Chinese instead.

This flag is called Hinomaru and has represented the nation of Japanese for centuries. Compared with Tokugawa clan’s mon, Hinomaru is more suitable as the default flag of Japanese civilization, rather than waiting for the Meiji Restoration.

Directly by changing the effect of the current Boxer Rebellion card, each Villager is converted into 1 Sentry, each Village is converted into 8 Irregulars, and Sentries and Irregulars no longer degenerate hit points and have their multiplier against villagers removed.

The Village Defense card will also give TC +50% Attack as a joint adjustment to the Boxer Rebellion effect change.

There is the Sepoy Resistance card, which I think is pretty enough for now.

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I don’t think it’s good.

Turning Mughals into British Raj is sort of a modernization of this civ - which would be consistent with my other proposals for Asian civs (Boxer Rebellion and Meiji Restoration).

Currently in the game, both Japan and India have revolution-like cards that turn villagers or buildings into military units, only China does not have similar cards. Hope to add a card similar to Boxer Uprising or Taiping Rebellion to China in future updates. Make all three Asian civilizations fair


Wouldn’t that basically turn them into a colony?

They revolt into a colony - it’s a backwards revolt!

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A revolutionary revolution