Proposals to balance the civs in EW

Civs are pretty balanced for RM but unbalanced for EW.
Vikings, Magyars, Ethiopians, Chinese are very powerful in WE while there’s a bunch of civs that are very weak in comparison.
I think the gap between the best and the worse civs is bigger in EW than in RM.

I propose the following ideas for us to discuss:
Lithuanians and Persians starting with additional resources as in RM.
Cumans starting with 2 TCs (maybe OP, who knows, but Cumans are useless in EW so they need something).
Malians and Japanese starting with more wood due to the discount on buildings that are already created.

Feel free to contribute with any other idea that you have and i’m sure we’ll come up with a bunch of good ones!


I agree on the fact that some bonuses have to be adjusted on EW to get something balanced.

i agree with your suggestion for lithuanian, persian, malian and japanese.
Your proposition for cuman is OP.

Something have to be made for tatar, mongol, britons, because their bonus on herdables or huntables is useless at the moment on EW.

For tatars and britons at least there’s a few sheeps but for mongols you’re 100% right, i forgot to mention them!
They are a very good civ in RM but in EW they are not used at all.