Proposed Name Changes in Upgrades

The names of the unit upgrades in post-colonial civilizations continue to be (at least in Spanish) “Veterano, Vigía e Imperial.” (Veteran, Guard, Imperial). I won’t discuss whether the United States is an empire due to its expansionist ambitions, or why neither Agustín I nor Maximiliano I are the leaders of Mexico, but I do know that they don’t represent an empire in the game. Therefore, I propose changing the names of their upgrades, perhaps to (Enlistado, ¿Experimentado?, Oficial/Republicano/Federal). I’m open to opinions and certainly alternative suggestions.

wasnt the country that was established after the first mexican war of indenepence (the one in the historical campaign) the First Mexican Empire?

the game is sorta trying to have mexico during the revolutionary period during the war of independence but the final stage of that revolution was an empire

The one they have to change is “Guardia” to “Vigía” to be consistent with others.

Also the mexican card that enables aztec units says “Campeones Jaguar y Águilas” instead of “Jaguar y águilas campeones”

Mexican Empires did not last. Mexico executed both emperors. The maximum extension of Mexico was during the First Empire (Agustín I), yes, but it lasted 2-3 years, I think the Imperial Age Mexico represents Juarista Mexico, barely ready (but ready) to fight France in 1862 (or retrieve Mexico in 1867, after the Second Empire)

Honestly I am much, much more bothered by african unit upgrade names being exactly the same as native americans.


Some ideas for african upgrades names?

Off the top of my head?

I dunno…

Skilled → Seasoned → Royal (?)


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@HoopThrower I came up with some names as well for these African unit upgrades.

Honed → Expert → Supreme or Zenithal

How about this?

Skilled → Fierce? → Mighty

Mighty is shared with the last upgrade for native american war huts.

Maybe skilled, fierce, and revered?

Aparte del Militar/Regular, ¿cuáles son las que llevan “Guardián”? Para hacer un mod que las cambie

La caballeria con carabina de EEUU también.

Otra cosa, en la carta de los aztecas que convierte las embajadas de México. “War Hut” lo traduce como cabaña o choza y no como barracón

Then, for African units and Natives: Honed, Fierce, Revered (Aguzado, Fiero, Venerado)?

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		<Language name='Spanish'>
			<string _locid="110014">Regular</string>
			<string _locid="110015">INF Regular</string>
            <string _locid="110072">Regulares veteranos</string>
			<string _locid="110043">Regulares vigía</string>
			<string _locid="110044">Regulares imperiales</string>
			<string _locid="110045">Regular con mejor ataque y más puntos de resistencia.</string>
			<string _locid="110046">Regular veterano</string>
			<string _locid="110047">Regular vigía</string>
			<string _locid="110048">Regular imperial</string>
			<string _locid="110104">5 regulares</string>
			<string _locid="110105">8 regulares</string>
			<string _locid="110106">7 regulares</string>
			<string _locid="110107">15 regulares</string>
			<string _locid="110200">Envía 1 regular por cada envío que hayas recibido hasta ahora en esta partida.</string>
			<string _locid="110269">Envía un regular adicional por cada envío que hayas realizado hasta ahora en la partida.</string>
			<string _locid="110340">5 regulares</string>
			<string _locid="110364">Configura este fuerte para que produzca 5 regulares.</string>
			<string _locid="110365">Este fuerte está produciendo 5 regulares.</string>
			<string _locid="110527">Envía 5 milicias estatales y 4 regulares e investiga las mejoras a veteranos.</string>
			<string _locid="110621">5 regulares</string>
			<string _locid="110622">5 regulares</string>
			<string _locid="112109">5 regulares</string>
			<string _locid="110072">Regulares veteranos</string>
			<string _locid="110049">Caballería con carabina vigía</string>
			<string _locid="110053">Caballería con carabina vigía</string>
			<string _locid="124489">Brigadier irlandés arrepentido</string>
			<string _locid="112407">Las embajadas nativas ganan un ataque a distancia, como un barracón. Les permite crear a los guerreros nativos Guerrero jaguar y Guerrero águila.</string>


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‘Mighty’ makes me think of “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” which gives it an African vibe. There’s probably a better name for War Huts anyways.