Proposed XBOX CONTROLLER changes!

Hi been playing AOE2 on xbox gamepad, love this game, managed to get around 1500 elo(which is like 1200 on mouse and keyboard). I also played HALO WARS on XBOX a lot. I think a few quality of life changes need to be made for XBOX GAMEPAD only players.

  1. Villagers should have multiple quick build buttons, for example if we want to build a house with a villager, I can just press Y and we can hold Y to change it from a house to any other building. Problem is, sometimes we want to quickly build houses, palisades, farms etc. So I propose a quick build building is set for every button and let us set them in the options menu. For example, if we need a farm we can just select a villager and press RB and boom farm, you’re about to get raided? Select villager press X boom quick palisade. Obviously, A would still be (move to-harvest-attack) and X would still be garrison if we go over a garrisonable building.

  2. We need a back to work button for our town centers on XBOX we just dont have one.

  3. We should be able to set a TC rally point to a building and villagers will go work for that building, like if a put a TC rally point to a lumber mill, villagers coming out of that town centers should go work that lumber mills nearest wood. If a rally point is set to a mill, new villagers should go build a farm on the nearest suitable location.

  4. I think the pace of the game for XBOX ONLY players should be reduced and I think max pop should be lowered to around 120. I think this would help make the game a bit more strategic and less spamming units into the meat grinder until someone runs out of resources.

  5. Let us move more than 60 units at a time, sometimes we will have a mix of archers and skirmishers feeding them into the meat grinder but we can’t select them all with the (all ranged units button) and control groups are not ideal as units are consistently dying and being rebuilt.

  6. When we (LB)+(DPAD UP) to select a control group, give us the option to change the settings to snap my courser straight to the group. Currently this can be done if we double (LB)+ DOUBLE PRESS (DPAD UP). Its just one small step that can save time, if im selecting a control group, I want to snap on to it.

7: In free reticle mode, moving right stick (RS) should move the camera instead of the courser when it gets near to the edge. pressing then moving (RS) should adjust the camera zoom.

Come dev team make at least some of these changes and thank you for bringing this game on xbox.


Ive been messing around with control groups for a while and i think i found a better soulution… RB + press in any direction on dpad should be control groups 1-4. And RB + moving left stick on any direction should be control groups 5-8. Also control groups should snap to units but not snap to buildings.

ADD a build farm button to TCs just like the ones on mills

I would like to see a map editor or place where we can mess with settings. Where we can practice microing. Took me while get settings stutter stepping to work right.

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After some consideration i found a better solution for villager hotkeys, when we select a villager by pressing A, if we hold A button without letting go, we should be able to press dpad in any direction to build stuff, ex: (Select vill and Hold A) + (dpad up) = pallisade.