Pros cons of esports focus aoe4

This discussion is irelevant, as AoE4 will never become an esport. The game is way too easy for the best players in the world, not to mention clunky and devoid of the tools it needs to be an esport. The game is by design made to cater to ultracasuals. It will be great for groups of friends that want a chill experience on a Saturday evening. Of course that doesn’t mean they can’t force esports on it. If they called Hearthstone an esport, they can call AoE4 an esport. But it’s obviously way too easy to ever be a real esport.

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Esports is not just “devs focus on multiplayer”

The game has to be:
-skillbased so it’s focussed on the player with different tools to express him/herself
-great to look at. Clean animations, clear visual feedback and clear distinctions in units/civs to make it fun to look at
-build with the audience in mind, meaning it was developed explicitly not just to be played, but to be watched and to be casted.
That can go from simple visual feedback and spectator UI, over to outplay potential with micro up to the entire pace of the game.

Age4 falls short on every single metric here.
Alot of the micro potential and depth of army setup got cut/streamlined, the graphics are quite controversial with a lack of quality in animation, UI and proportions, and the game is definitely not built with an audience in mind either.
Engagements are quick but there’s not alot of playerinput to look at and overall the gamepace is quite slow, meaning if something happens at all, only on one place at a time and always with the same 1-2 unit types across all matchups.

That’s at least how I see it.
Feel free to correct me or add stuff to it if I forgot something.

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U say it may never become a esport which is true”. But i have read some comments which may or may not of been from the devs-“they take their inspirations from sc2 and other esport” games

I have watched almost all videos on aoe4 so far and i would bet most or all of u have watched the ones that are being sent out also

Aoe4 may not be on tv… but that doesnt mean it cant be esport… with alittle multiplayer tweak here or there… it can easily be a romp fest… sc2 coop ie. shows its capable to step away from the norm civs and create a esport style competitive system that doesnt take away from the aspects of the game

ErissarAge of Empires Dev (Microsoft)



Thank you all for your feedback! It will be forwarded to the team.

Starcraft’s emergence as a spectator phenomenon is part of the historical birth of esport and Blizzard learned from it, developing SC2 with esports in mind: you can see how it informed their design decisions on gameplay, visuals, UI, and spectator features. We take a lot of inspiration from Starcraft and its development tenets.

The competitive scene and esports are an important aspect to any PvP game. For AoE4, we consider it vital. From game balance, to modding, to tournaments and support. We want to capture historical moments, feature our own set of micro and macro challenges and have a depth in strategy that rivals the best of the best!

Community feedback is integral to our process. Thank you for your thoughts, suggestions, and concerns.

Edit - we saw the opportunity to clarify and expand on some of our sentiments in our original post. Thanks everyone!

Gives a lot of clarity to their design decisions.
Honestly its a good choice.

I agree… aoe2-3 was way too slow for my play style

I mean even Aoe 2 took a lot of inspiration from starcraft so this isn’t something completely new to the series.

But Age4 is overall slower with same unit movement speed and quicker engagements cause of charge.

U never played coop on sc2? The mechanics are tweaked to only play certain techs and the overall game speed is ramped heavily- but even tournaments play the games can be tweaked for faster play

Its kinda hard to tell rn about the way things will be balanced. (which heavily affects pacing)
Things could easily be changed with 1-2 patches.

There was a nice Spirit of the Law video that illustrated how slow techs and train times are currently.
The game speed vs the closed beta game speed changed as well. (different number of starting villagers etc)


Of coarse u might not end the round with elephants trampling tc but even if they changed the game speed and starting resources u could be sending units in by 5min instead of 10

And most sc2 games prob “””average”” 30min each

It’s just the fact that this game is pinned on 1.0 gamespeed, even tho ANY RTS out there, Warcraft, Starcraft, other Age games, play at least on 1.5 times real time.

Ofc that is all relative, but the game (beside slightly increased tech/unit train timings) is pretty similar to AoE2 in game developement and flow sense.

Due to the fact that it’s 3d i’d say that they’d rather tweak numbers than increasing gamespeed, since it could make animations look out of place.
Lets see how it developes, for now it’s a slower age2 with similar unit movement speed.

I think its fine to have it in 1.0 speed.
They just need to adjust the timings of techs and recruit speed if they want to balance the game towards a faster pace. (they can easily change a 30 second tech to any value they want)

I think it is a very fluid thing that can be changed easily so we should wait to see how the devs think the game should be paced.


Inspiration with regards to what? The game is the complete opposite of SC2.

U have to see the long post i copied from the dev just below that or at the first post

We can argue about how similar Aoe IV is to SC2 from our personal view.
But it is also a fact that Relic has taken inspiration from SC2 to design this game.


Interesting. Everything I’ve seen so far made me think the game is not meant to be an esport. I’m genuinely curious to know what concepts got transferred over from Starcraft 2.

In SC2 the units are snappy and respond instantly, they move much faster, die much faster (damage is huge, HP is low), fights take seconds to conclude, each and every unit promotes micro, the UI also promotes micro (units wireframe, unit stats visible at all times), animations are clear and show exactly what’s going on in a fight and which unit attacks which unit, the replay system allows you to see a lot of important stats like what units and buildings are currently in production, there are leaderboards in game, the game allows hotkey customization (both grid and classic layout) and rapid fire, supply blocks don’t allow you to still train units, focus firing and single-ing out units is sharp, you train way more than 3 workers per minute, splash damage is devastating and there is friendly fire for splash damage.

I’m not sure if I missed anything. I also have to mention that all the above features were present from launch. So what features from SC2 did they draw inspiration from that make AoE4 esports friendly?

To put things in perspective, I find AoE2 to be less esports oriented than SC2, but waaaay more esports oriented than AoE4. What SC2 esport features in AoE4 do you think the dev is talking about?


This is completely irrelevant and arbitrary though. They could fix the clock and times on everything in AoE2 (or any of those games) so that in game time was the same as real time without actually changing game speed at all.