Protecting/using mangonels?

Any tips on mangonel use? First is it better to tell them to attack units or to instead just use the drag function to make them face direction of units and let them pick their own targets? They seem a little buggy/inconsistent? What is the best way to protect them? Surround with spears and knights? The enemy always destroys them I’ve never used them successfully.

To protect your mangonels from units you may use yours to block their path or you may use monks holding a relic to zone out melee units with the AOE conversion


Call the boys (aka villagers)!

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Great idea I’ve tried to convert anything.

I’ve noticed a lot more people building springolds from the outset to counter Mangonels and if this is the case for you, you will need to counter them first.

Outside of hard counters like this you need to micro manage them better. The range isn’t great, and they will need to be mashed into your front in order to have enough range to deal with, say, their back line archers. If you are moving your entire army as a single unit, you are going to have a difficult time doing this.

In general, you’ll want to assign your Mangonels and your spingolds to their own hot keys and manage them as their own groups.

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