Proud buddy moment

I am too mediocre to compete in rts, but my AoEO buddies are dirty good. They make me so proud.


Here’s my boy adne (Twitch) in front of his giant audience. He’s slain at least two aoe2 pros so far today in front of thousands of their fans. AoE4 is the great equalizer.

(Adne is also my buddy with the PhD in Germanic and Roman history I mentioned earlier with regard to the correct naming conventions of the civ presently identified as the HRE.)


:slight_smile: Yes, I caught a couple of games live of him playing vs Hera.


Yeah Adne is pretty good.

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Awesome, thanks for the link ill sub now and check out his vods :+1:

Never get enough content when waiting for a game, watched all of Aussie Drongo’s footage lol :slight_smile:

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