PSA: Leaderboard now shows 7k players


Is the search field not working only here?

It sort of works but is case sensitive. You must have played at least 10 matches in 1v1 and people were saying it can take a long time to update, like 24 hrs. I dunno if that’s still true.

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I tried even with people that are showing on the ladder and no results are returned, i don’t know if it is a particular problem or in the site.

It’s case sensitive. They need to fix that

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Oh , it worked now , i was forgetting the capital letter i guess.

It’s funny to see so many sc2 pro players in the top 200 :smiley:

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Can we see the leaderboards inside the game too? Cant find 'em.

No not in game. They’re pretty bare bones; no civ stats, no game or opponent history, basically just a number and a name.

I’m sure they plan all that stuff for in game once ranked comes out, this is just a band aid for the meantime.

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How can we have leaderboards if it’s currently unranked? Unranked leaderboards? Now this is what you call an oxymoron :slight_smile: